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Windows XP Setup for DCC via Serial Cable


for additional information:
See Parallel Technologies' Web Site for detailed information on
Windows 2000 DirectParallel
® DCC connections:
There are some very helpful Step-By-Step Setup Instructions for setting up
DirectParallel® Direct Cable Connection (DCC) on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP :

Before you can
define a Direct Cable connection using a serial cable, you need to configure
your serial communication port(s) / COM-port(s) for use with Direct-Cable connection ,
because Windows is handling such a serial direct connection cable like a modem :

In the Control-Panel, open the
"Phone and Modem Options" :

Select the tab " Modems"

It may show any modem already
configured on your system.
To define the usage of a COM-port
for Direct-Cable connection,
click on the button "Add".
This starts up the
"Add Hardware Wizard".

The system will not be able
to detect automatically such a
connection cable for DCC,
so please place the checkmark to
"Don't detect my modem, I will
select it from a list".
In the window "Install New Modem:,
select on the left as "Manufacturer"
the "(Standard Modem Types)",
then on the right under "Models"
the "Communications cable
between two computers
Most computers have more than
1 Serial Communications port
(COM-port), therefore you will
now have to
"Select the port(s) you want to
install the modem on"

Select, if you like to use it on
all ports or just on a selected
My system has already a real
modem on COM1, so I define
COM2 to be used for the
"Communications cable between
two computers".
The "Add Hardware Wizard"
has finished its job.
The Control-Panel applet
"Phone and Modem Options"
lists now your real modem (if you
have one) and the
"Communications cable between
two computers".

we must configure our connection
cable, so select the communications
cable (single click ) and then select
the button "Properties".
in the Properties of the
Connection cable, select the
tab : "Modem".

by default, the "Maximum port Speed"
will be only 19200, please change
that to 115200 to be able to get
the maximum throughput on the
serial communications cable.

Once the "Connection cable between two computers" have been installed and configured,
you can now
define the Direct Cable connection.

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