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Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional Edition is designated by Microsoft as replacement for the WindowsNT
Windows 2000 , while the Windows XP Home edition is supposed to replace the Windows
3.x/9x products (starting with
Windows 3.x, then Windows95/98 and Windows ME ).

Windows XP Desktop Theme / Colors used for the screen-dump graphics on this website.

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in case you have to do one yourself :
Windows XP Installation
in case you have problems and need to recover :
Windows XP Recovery Console and Windows XP ASR Automatic System Recovery

first view : Window Styles, Start-Menu and avoid the Balloon-Tips (updated June 3, 2002)
Group Policy Editor to change default systems settings (modified March 2, 2002)
- Windows Messenger ( de-activation ) (created Jan.27, 2002)
Windows XP Professional Logon Screen : New XP style or NT4/2000 style Modified Sept. 4, 2003)
you MUST activate your license of Windows XP (or it will stop working ) Modified Feb 27, 2003)
Windows XP First View Networking : NetBEUI "unsupported" protocol !
Windows XP Simple Sharing, Security and ForceGuest (updated June 3, 2002)
Windows XP does not support anymore ISA Non Plug & Play Network Adapters !
Workaround to install NE2000 / 3C509 Non Plug&Play ISA Network Adapters (April 23,2002)
Changes in the Security/Network-Access default behavior (compared to NT4/2000) (April 21,2002)
includes a Firewall for Internet Connections
Windows XP Non-Microsoft Firewall ( ZoneAlarm ) (created June 8, 2002)
Windows XP "calling home" via Internet
includes integrated support for broadband Internet Connections (DSL, ADSL via PPoE )
Windows XP Addon Downloads from Microsoft ( JAVA support, PowerToys/TweakUI)
- Windows XP Service Pack 1 ( added Oct 27,2002)
Remote Desktop Access (created Dec. 18,2001)
Remote Assistence (created June 2, 2002)

Since Windows XP Professional is designed as the replacement for Windows NT4 and
Windows2000, it offers
full User Management and Security with local Security Policies
Local Logon Scripts .

Be aware:
differences between the XP Home and Professional Edition ! (updated June 3,2002)

If you are not satisfied with the "Help and Support" of Windows XP, you should consider the
Windows XP Professional : Resource Kit Documentation", either the printed book with the
eBook CD-ROM or the
online version on the Microsoft Website.

Commercial Message:

Modem Networking
See the section Modem-networking for Windows XP Home Edition
for information on VPN : www.vpnlabs.com

Broadband Internet Connections : ADSL
See the section Broadband Internet Connections for Windows XP Home Edition
VPN : secure private networking via the Internet (created May 31, 2003)

Direct Cable Connection : DCC
See the section Direct Cable Connections for Windows XP Home Edition

USB-Networking : Introduction
- USB Network Adapter (created Sept. 23, 2003)
See the section USB Networking for Windows XP Home Edition
- WLAN - Wireless Networking (created Sept. 6, 2003)

Ethernet Local Area Networking
networking with XP Professional is similar to LAN for Windows XP Home Edition,
however there are some differences due to the different level of User-Management/Security.
( the Step-by-Step guide covers network to/from Windows XP )

- installation of old "Legacy" Non-Plug&Play ISA Network adapters (created Apr. 23,2002 )

- Network card Verification (created Oct. 14,2001)
- MS-DOS Network setup / diagnostic programs (created Dec. 9, 2001)
- Network Verification / Configuration updated Nov. 3,2001)
- TCP/IP Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) (Updated: Feb.17,2002)
Windows XP Use on Multiple Networks: Office and Home (created April 27,2003)
- Windows 2000 / XP WNTIPCFG download (created Dec. 14,2002)
- Sharing Disks and Folders (updated Dec. 8,2001)
- Access control via Security (created Dec. 9, 2001)
- Passwords required for Network Access (created April 21, 2002 )
- Network Access : My Network Places (modified March. 2,2002 )
- Firewall causing Problems on LAN Connection (created Apr. 22,2002 )
- Usage of Shared Resources (created Dec.21, 2001)
( Windows XP Professional is limited to 10 simultaneous File-Sharing Connections )

- Networking between WindowsXP and Windows95/98/ME (updated March 2, 2002 )
- Windows XP Professional Joining a Domain (created Dec. 2, 2001)
- Windows XP Professional as TCP/IP Router (created June 18,2002)
- Windows XP Network Bridge (created June 19,2002)
- WLAN - Wireless Networking (created Sept. 6, 2003)

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