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Windows ME

The latest version of Windows is "Windows Millennium Edition", short "Windows ME",
which will replace
Windows98 and its Second Edition (SE).
I have installed it to have a first look at the changes, keeping in mind that Microsoft is positioning
Windows ME for Home-Users and
Windows2000 for business users.

Nov.2001: Microsoft has released
Windows XP Home to replace Windows ME.

Each time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, it grows in size and requires more
disk-capacity for installation. To avoid to prompt for the Windows ME CD-ROM later during
changes of the configuration, the Windows ME setup copies
151 Mbytes of SETUP (CAB)-files
to the harddisk
(which could be moved to a different disk or delete if you are short on disk-capacity on the

Each time Microsoft released in the past a new version of Windows, they included some utilities,
which you had to purchase separately from a different vendor for the previous versions of
Windows, and with Windows ME Microsoft has implemented in the Windows Explorer support for
"Compressed Folders" / ZIP-files

A first obvious difference:

Win95/98: Selecting "Network Neighborhood" from the
desktop will display the list of computers in your

Windows ME : The desktop-icons are very similar to
Windows2000, there is no "Network Neighborhood"
but a "My Network Places" and to view the list of
computers , you need to click through to
"Entire Network" and then on your workgroup:

Automatic Search for Network Shares and display in "My Network Places" (created Feb.11,2001)
Windows ME Network Card Installation (created Aug. 18,2001)

All other networking items (Sharing a folder or drive, mapping a network drive) are the
same as on
Windows95/98, including WLAN - Wireless networking.

- Sharing using the Home Networking Wizard

Commercial Message:

Modem Networking
Unlike Windows95/98, where you access
Dial-Up-Networking via "My Computer" on
your desktop, you get on Windows ME to
Dial-Up-Networking via the Start-menu:
"Settings" / "Dial-Up Networking":

- Defining a Dial-Up Networking Connection (created Aug. 27,2000)
Defining an Internet Connection (created Aug. 27,2000)
Making a Dial-Up Networking Connection (created Aug. 27,2000)
Making a Connection to the Internet (created Aug. 2000)
Dial-Up Networking Server (Identical to Windows98)
Personal Firewall (created Nov. 1, 2000)
For more information on Modem-Networking and ADSL:
see the
Dial-Up Networking under Win95/98.

- Direct Cable Connection
- Modem Internet Connection Sharing via Direct-Connection-Cable (DCC)
ADSL / Cable Modem Internet Connection Sharing via DCC (created Sept. 2,2001)
  ADSL :
ADSL via Network Card (created Aug. 18,2001 )
Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing for ADSL (created Sept. 2,2001)
(or Cable-Modem)
Infrared Communication :
InfraRed Configuration for Windows 95/98/ME (created Aug.31, 2002)
Installation Direct-Cable Connection for Infrared (created Aug.31, 2002)
Usage of Direct-Cable Connection via Infrared (created Aug.31, 2002)
- USB Networking Indroduction (created: jan. 7, 2001)
Windows9x/ME USB Networking Installation (created: jan. 7, 2001)
WLAN Wireless Networking (created Sept. 6, 2003)

- TweakUI for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 (created Oct. 21,2000)

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