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Windows 2000 Getting an Incoming Call

After we defined and configured the "Incoming Connection", the system
accepts Incoming calls :

Verify that the checkmark is defined
for the device to allow an incoming

Once the system has accepted an Incoming connection, the icon become
more colorful and it shows the name of the User:

The taskbar will show the Connection icon, and if you place your mouse
cursor for a while on it, it shows the connection Statistics:

If you have your windows for
"Network and Dial-up Connections"
open, it will also show the
information for the incoming

Running the "icon" shows
the connection information:
tab: General

statistics and the possibility to
tab: Details

The network information,
showing the protocol and
the IP-addresses assigned
to both modems.

Connecting from Windows95/98 to Windows2000

After Rebooting the Windows 2000 system:

On Windows NT4, you can define for the
"Remote Access Services" in "Services"
of the Control-Panel to start AUTOMATIC
after a reboot, the system accepts incoming
calls without the need for a user login and
any manual operation.

I did not yet locate the equivalent for
Windows 2000:
After a reboot, the Check-mark on the
device for the Incoming Connection has
disappeared and the modem does NOT
pick-up an incoming call.
You need to place the Check-mark, then OK
to activate for Incoming calls.
Anybody a solution ? Please tell me
at J_Helmig@compuserve.com

I checked in "Services": "Routing and Remote Access" is running:

When using RRAS on Windows 2000 Server, the modem is activated for incoming calls
after a reboot WITHOUT having to login.

A Frequently Asked Question:
"Can I access from the Server the disk of the Calling System ?"

First condition: the calling system must have "File-and-Printer Sharing"

When checking on the
Windows2000 system in
"My Network Places" for
"Computers Near Me",
it will only list the
systems on the network,
but NOT the System
connected via Modem.
Checking in the
"Entire Network"
also does not list
the calling system,
so it is time to
"Search for Computers"

You need to know the
Name of the computer
calling it (not the User

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