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Windows2000 and Microsoft Mail Postoffice

With the previous versions of Windows (95,98, NT4), Microsoft supplied the possibility to
create a
"Microsoft Postoffice" for a small company e-mail system.
Windows 2000 does NOT include anymore this feature
(I think, that MS assumes that everybody either uses now the MS Exchange Server or a POP3 e-mail system
based on the new Internet standard )

However: if you have such an e-mail system on an NT4-system and you like to upgrade to
Windows2000, you can continue to use the MS-Mail Post-office.

This information was provided by:
| Joe Jones
| New Hampshire CAD
| Lebanon, NH 03766
| Mechanical Design and Custom Programming
| SolidWorks Research Partner
| Online SolidWorks API Tutorial

To be able to identify the files without
any doubt, I configure Windows Explorer
in the Folder Options, tab View to
"Display the full path in the address bar"
and NOT to
"Hide file Extensions for known file types"

Since Windows2000 does NOT include anymore the feature to create/administer the
"MS Mail Postoffice", you need to copy the files from the Windows NT4 installation CD-ROM:

In the directory "I386" on the
NT4 installation CD-ROM,
locate the files:
and copy them to the
SYSTEM32-directory of your
Windows system.

Then open a Command-Prompt Windows, switch to the SYSTEM32 directory:
and expand the files copied from the NT4 CD-ROM:
- expand wgpoadmn.dl_ wgpoadmn.dll
- expand wgpocpl.cp_ wgpocpl.cpl

You have now access in your Control-Panel to the applet for "Microsoft Mail Postoffice":

you can now
create/administer a Microsoft Mail Postoffice.

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