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Windows 2000 Re-New Dynamic IP-address

When using TCP/IP-addresses assigned by a DHCP-server, there is sometimes the need to
request a new / different IP-address (example: a notebook connected to a different network).

First, check the
current dynamic assigned IP-address using either IPCONFIG in a
Command-Prompt windows :

or in "Computer Management" under
"System Tools" / "System Information" /"Components" /"Network" / "Adapter" :

If there is a new to request a new IP-address:
There is no utility with a Windows GUI ( like the
Windows95/98 "winipcfg" )

The Window2000 Help shows under "DHCP" the usage of IPCONFIG to renew an IP-address:

You need to open a Command-Prompt windows and enter: ipconfig /renew :

Luckily there is only a limited need to run this command manually, since a Windows2000 system
keeps monitoring the network for a DHCP-server and will use it.
( for example: my Windows2000 system had booted using the IP-Autoconfiguration, using
an 169.254.x.x IP-address, but when I then started up an NT4-server with DHCP-server,
it used the DHCP-server to request an IP-address without any action from myself ).

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