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NT4 RAS as VPN TCP/IP - Dialin to a network/mainframe

You have a need to connect to your TCP/IP network (for example to access a mainframe), but your TCP/IP-addresses are private and not valid on the Internet ?
VPN offers again the solution:

allowing to 'tunnel' your private IP-address-range through the public Internet.

First, make sure, that your NT RAS system is properly configured for direct dialin via TCP/IP:

Dialup Networking with TCP/IP

Then, install VPN/PPTP:

Add under Protocols the
Point To Point Tunneling Protocol
you are immediately prompted
for the number of VPN-adapters:
on an NT4 Workstation, you can
ONLY use ONE !
(on an NT4 server, you can
configure more for multiple
incoming connections).
You need to configure the
new RAS device.
make sure, that the new
VPN-adapter is added to the
list of RAS devices.
Since I use an NT4 workstation,
which is already configured for
RAS-Modem dialin, I am NOT
able to define an additional
VPN-dialin (limit on NT WS).
If you need both, you will need
to install a (slightly more expensive)
NT4 server license).
So, I configure my RAS-Modem
ONLY for dialing out
and the VPN-adapter for
dialing in.
As for the Modem TCP/IP dialin,
I need to ensure now the
assignment of IP-addresses for
the VPN-connection, either
using DHCP or a static pool
of IP-addresses.
We are ready for a connection.
(in my case, I dial out to the
Internet and get my Internet-
IP-address assigned).

Lets setup the Windows 95 / 98 for the VPN TCP/IP connection:

Make sure, that the DUN 1.2 upgrade
is installed first (if not, download
and install it).
VPN is included in 98.

Add a SECOND Dialup Adapter.
Then add the "Microsoft
Virtual Private Network adapter
Your network setup should now be
like this ( "File-and-Print sharing"
is optional and only required for
access from the LAN back to the
remote client).

We are almost ready to connect:

Define a new Dialup-
Networking connection,
using as "VPN-adapter".
define as address the
IP-address of the
Configure it for
Logon to the Network
and for TCP/IP
While being connected to
the Internet, make now
the VPN-connection
to your VPN-server.
Note: the Username and
Password have to be
valid on the server
(I strongly suggest, that
you already logon to your
Windows Client on boot
using this Username and
password to avoid access
problems on the network)
we have now different
1) used to connect
to the Internet and
assigned to you by
your ISP
2) used to connect to the
VPN-server and
assigned by the VPN
(in this case using an
address from the pool of
IP-addresses assigned to
the RAS-server).

This system is also
setup with a WINS
server, allowing to
participate to the
workgroup of systems
on the LAN by browsing
the Network neighborhood.
You can now also
connect to the mainframe
using a TCP/IP connection
On the VPN-server,
you can verify the
incoming VPN-connection
using the
Dialup Networking

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