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Windows95/98 as VPN-Client dialing into a Novell network

Setting up and configuring Windows95/98 as a VPN-dialin to access a Novell Netware network is very similar to Installation of the Windows95/98 VPN-Client and Configure the Windows95/98 VPN Connection, so I will keep this a little shorter:

First, install Dialup-Networking (be sure, that it includes the VPN modules,
install the DUN 1.2 upgrade)

Install the Dialup adapter,
load the TCP/IP protocol required
for Internet connection and use the
"Client for Microsoft Network" to
enable the password caching
Define your Dial-out connection to
the Internet
and configure it.
(no need to "log on to Network")

Make a connection to test your
current setup.

We then add the VPN-components:
- 2nd Dialup adapter
- MS VPN Adapter
- NDISWAN protocol
Since we like to browse/access the
Novell-servers, we need to install:
- Client for Netware Networks
- IPX/SPX-protocol

Loading of IPX/SPX creates a
binding to BOTH Dialup adapters,
which is NOT required:
- delete IPX/SPX on Dialup Adapter
- delete TCP/IP on Dialup Adapter#2 (VPN)
Since I am connecting to a Windows NT4
system (which always loaded NetBIOS support
for IPX)
, I configure also here
"NETBIOS support for IPX/SPX"
we define our Dialup Network
connection to the VPN-server,
selecting as device the:
"Microsoft VPN Adapter"
(when it asks for the Host-name or
of the VPN-server,
enter it if you know it already,
otherwise type any name)
Configure this VPN-connection:
- this time, we need to logon to the network
since we like to gain access to the Novell servers.

We select as VPN-protocol IPX/SPX.

Connection to the VPN-Server (Gateway to the Novell network):

Make your connection to the Internet
Test first with "PING", that your
VPN-server is also connected to the
Verify/define for your VPN-connection, that
the IP-address of the VPN-server is correct.
Then make your connection to the VPN-server.
You need to define a username and password,
which is defined as an NT
user with dialin

Error 629:
"You dialed the wrong number" !
That IP-address may be valid on the Internet,
but it is NOT configured as a VPN-server.
Check your IP-address.

Also make sure, that on starting up (booting) your Windows 95/98 system,
that you got a
Logon window:

and that you entered here already your valid username and password,
because this is used to determine your permissions on the network, once you
are connected.
Suggestion: use for the connection and for the
Startup Logon the same Username and password !

Once you are connected, you have 2 Dialup connection:

You are on the network, connected as directly on the LAN-cable.
However, when looking into your "Network Neighborhood", you see first:

for a while (sorry, your Internet connection is most probably just a modem connection, typical 28.3, 33.3 or 56 K), which is a LOT slower than a typical LAN connection of 10 or 100 Mbit), but then everything is accessible:

Copying files will also be a little slow, get get used to see:

Don't forget to hang-up on BOTH Dialup-connections, once you are done !.

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