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You have seen on my website some graphic, where you like to know, how the screen dump was made for :
Windows XP Installation
Windows XP Professional Logon Screen
Windows XP Professional Joining a Domain
Booting from CD-ROM

- Pressing Print-Screen does NOT allow to copy/paste the Windows Logon-Window :

- during the installation of an operating system, no other program to handle graphics can run :

- or during the start up of Windows XP :

- or even when the PC is still in its initial boot process :

This requires the use of an emulation software :

VMWARE Workstation 3.0 from www.vmware.com,
offering a 30 day evaluation version.

which creates on a host-computer ( Windows or Linux) a "virtual system", in which you can
installed and run a different operating system ( Windows or Linux ).

It is a very powerful program, very easy to install, and it is very easy to create a "virtual system" :

- define the virtual system,
select the OS to be installed,
select as Location a disk with plenty
of room, because VMWARE
will store here also the file
containing the emulated disk,
and that file can be a few
GByte in size !

- if the OS setup runs from bootable CD-ROM, insert the CD-ROM of the OS to be installed
- click on "Power-On" of the virtual machine to install the Operating system
- once the Operating system is installed, install the VMWARE tools to configure the graphic card.
- done !
and the OS run in the virtual machine !

I used a Windows 2000 Professional system ( Pentium 733 MHz, 256 MByte Memory) to
create a virtual Windows XP Professional system :

When clicking on the "Power On" , the virtual system will go through a PC-restart :

and then start the Operating system installed inside the virtual system : :

Windows XP Professional running inside the VMWARE windows on a Windows2000 Prof system ,
allowing at ANY TIME to press the PRINT SCRN - key and paste the captured screen shot into
a graphic program for further processing (in my case : with PaintShopPro ) :

These are the devices of the virtual XP system,
which are emulated or shared with the Host

Since my Windows 2000 host system had a network card ( a 3COM 3C905 ),
the virtual system has also a network card installed (emulated as AMD PCNET ),
which is fully operational and now shared with the host system :
- network communication with the host system
- network communication with ANY other system on the network

Your Host system will have 2 "WMware Virtual Ethernet Adapters" installed to enable
the network connection with the virtual system :

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