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USB Ethernet Adapters

If you like to connect a PC or notebook to an Ethernet network,
and you do not like to either open the PC to install a network adapter,
or if you have no free slot in your PC or no free PC-card/PCMCIA slot
in your notebook, you can connect to an Ethernet network via
USB network adapters, allowing to connect to a hub or switch to
communicate with other systems on the network.
Such USB Network adapters are available from different manufacturers,
just look for them in the shops or on the Internet ( Netgear, Dlink, Belkin,.....)
The installation is very simple :

1 ) plug in a network cable ( 10baseT/100baseT) in the hub / switch

2) plug in the network cable to the USB network adapter
3. plug in the USB cable to the USB network adapter
4. plug in the USB cable to your PC / notebook

As soon as the USB cable is connected,
Windows detects this new device and will display
the message "Found New Hardware"
The system will start the
Hardware Installation Wizard,
asking you to insert the floppy disk
or CD-ROM delivered with the
USB network adapter.

then continue with "Next"
If prompted, select
the proper driver
files are copied from the
floppy disk or CD-ROM,
you may be prompted on some
systems (like: windows98/98SE)
to insert your Windows
installation CD-ROM.
once the installation is finished,
your network is ready.
Depending on the version of
Windows, you may be asked now
to restart the system (Windows98)
or you are just informed that at
"New network device is installed"
when checking now in
Device Manager ( System in
the Control-Panel), you will find
the new Network adapter

The USB-network adapter will now be listed in the Properties of "Network Neighborhood"/ "My Network Places":

Like any other network adapter, you can / need to configure it in the Properties :

For the rest of the network setup, follow the rules of your Windows Version.

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