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Networking to UNIX and Novell Netware

Both Windows95 and Windows NT4 can easily be configure to network simultaneously via the same network-board to a UNIX server and to a Novell-Netware server.

Once the NFS-Client is installed and tested for proper functionality, then ADD in the
"Network"-applet the "Client" / "Microsoft" : "Client for Netware":

The system installs also the
IPX-protocol, "assuming" that
it will be required for the
Connection to the Netware server.

Select as "Primary Network Logon"
the "Client for Netware Networks"

The change of the Network-configuration requires a reboot.
Then you get first your "login" to the Novell-Netware servers:

and the also to the UNIX-server:


In "My Computer", Network drives
to the different servers are listed.

From the "Network Neighborhood", the resources on both the "Novell Netware" and
the "UNIX"-server can be viewed/used/mapped:

Windows NT4
Once the NFS-Client is installed and tested for proper functionality, then ADD in the
"Network"-applet under the tab:"Services" the "Client Service for Netware":

The Network configuration includes now:

Clients for:
- Microsoft Networks ("Workstation")
- Netware Networks
- NFS/UNIX Networks
IPX has been installed for
connection to the Novell Netware

The changes require a reboot. On startup, you will be prompted for the
connection information to the Novell-netware server (Name/Tree and Content):

Then, browsing the "Network Neighborhood" shows the available resources on all servers:

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