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Installation of Solstice NFS Client 3.1

The procedure to install the "Solstice NFS Client 3.1" on Windows95 and Windows NT4 is almost identical.

Evaluation copy:
(downloaded from the
run/start the downloaded file
Licensed copy: insert the CD-ROM, the auto-play feature will
start the installation process

Note: for easier navigation, the "Next" and "Back" button in the screen-dumps below are active.

On startup of the
"Solstice NFS Client 3.1"
installation, there is first
the usual "Welcome"
(which I have skipped here).

Then, you need to enter
the User-Information:
- your name
- company
Do you have a "license" :
Yes: enter it (it is usually a
code like:"np 1234 5678..."),
then press "next"
no: select to make an
evaluation-installation by
clicking on "Evaluation"
You choose to install an
Evaluation copy:
Read carefully the
"30 day Evaluation Software
License Agreement

You can click on "back"
to repeat this step,
"no" will abort the installation,
or "Yes" that you agree and
like to continue the installation.
It is suggested to install
"Solstice" to its default
directory, so just click
on "next"
If you install the Evaluation
download, you can select a
"typical" installation.

when installing the
licensed copy, i suggest to
select the "custom" installation
radio-button and then to select
"Next" to continue
The "Custom" installation allows
to select, whether to install
additional "Internet Applications"
and/or "PC-Xware", an
X-terminal emulation allowing
to run UNIX-X-Windows
applications on your Windows
PC-screen (on most UNIX
systems, this will require an
additional seat-license !)
Unless you have a good reason
to keep them, deactivate these
2 option so save some
disk-storage capacity.
Select "next" to continue.
You are asked to define the
location and size of the
For now, keep the
suggested defaults and
select "next" to continue.
Keep also the defaults
on this screen, select
"next " to continue.
If you have a "License Server",
you can activate it here
(for details, contact your
UNIX-system administrator).
Select "next" to continue
To make management of
resources easier, some UNIX
System offer "NIS":
Network Information System
(previously also called
"Yellow Pages").
If your UNIX system does
not support it (or you do not
like to use it), choose:
"Windows Default" (which is
then using the Windows-PC
"hosts" file for name resolution)
Select "next" to continue.
We are finally done answering
all these questions.

A last "Confirmation" screen,
allowing us still to change
the setup by selecting "back"
or to select "Next" to continue.
The system will start installing
the "Solstice Program Files"
The system will configure the
"Solstice Network Components"
Like usual on installing new
network-components, you
are requested to "Restart"
your system.
I suggest NOT to restart,
but first to check your
adjust it and THEN to reboot.

Select "Finish" to continue
Customize Solstice NFS Client 3.1

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