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NT4 Plug-and-Play (PnP)

Plug-and-Play (PnP) on Windows NT4 is not a straight forward issue:
When installing NT4, the system is NOT able to handle Plug-and-Play.

The support for installation of Plug-and-Play is 'hidden' in the DRVLIB- directory on the NT4 CD-ROM
(not part of the usual I386-setup) and can most easy be located in the installation instruction for the Creative Labs SoundBlaster:

Locate on the NT4 CD-ROM in the
the file PNPISA.INF, call up the
context-menu (right-mouse click)
and select to Install

Once you rebooted, you can check in the Control-Panel Services-Applet,
that the Plug-and-Play
services is started:

But in my experience, this Plug-and-Play support works for Soundcards,
but not reliable with PnP-Network-cards (so I suggest to use on NT4 either
PCI-network cards or Non-PnP-ISA cards, some PnP-ISA cards can be
configured to be NON-PnP).

A word of warning:

The installation of a Sound-card under
Nt4 is not trivial !

Make sure that you read carefully the
installation instruction on the NT4-CD-ROM
(if you have the original SoundBlaster PnP)
or (if you have a newer model) locate and
the installation instructions for NT4
on the CD-ROM delivered with the card
before opening your computer and installing
the soundcard.

If no CD-ROM is supplied with the card,
or if it does not include NT4-drivers, then
please search first on the Internet on the
website of the manufacturer for an
updated driver and installation info for
the sound card.


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