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Internet Service Manager

After installation of the NT4 Peer Web Server, you MUST check the
configuration to ensure that it had been properly installed:

When selecting in the "Properties" of the
Networking on the tab: "Services" the
"Microsoft Peer Web Server" , the
button "Properties" is available.
But it will only tell you to use the
"Internet Manager", althought it
should state "Internet Service Manager"

Verify, that the Service select
by you are really "Running"
Once you select a Service by
clicking on it, you can use the
"tape control buttons" to
Start, Stop and Pause the
You can then also display
the "Properties" of a service
(also by a Double-Click)
tab: Services

You should not modify
the "TCP Port" settings
(otherwise your Web-Browser
will not be able to contact
this webserver).

Note: you are using an NT-system,
and although you can configure
the service for "Anonymous logon"
(which allows anybody to connect,
regardless if the username is defined
in the NT User Manager or not)
NT insists on a Username
(and password), therefor the
Installation has also created a
Username for such Web-usage.
tab: Directories

The location of the www-files
( <Home> ), the definition of
the Default Document name,
which will be displayed if a
user is just defining the URL to
this website but not specifying
the name of an HTML-file
(default: Default.htm ).

There are also special directories
for storage of scripts and for
website administration using a

To configure more details on
such a directory, select it and
click on "Edit Properties"
(or double-click the directory)
You could change the location
of your Website files.

If you intend to store file
for Execution (CGI-files,
ASP-pages) in this directory,
you MUST place the checkmark
on "Execute"
  tab : Logging : see below

if you installed the

tab: Service

You should not modify
the "TCP Port" settings
(otherwise your FTP-client
will not be able to contact
this webserver).

As with WWW-access,
you can allow Anonymous
access for FTP-client,
allowing to connect with
any username, but internally
NT requires a username,
which you MUST NOT
tab: Messages

You can define messages
to be display by the FTP-Client
on connecting, on exiting and
in case of connection refusal
due to maximum connections.
tab : Directories

The location of the directory
on your disk to the files to
be accessable via FTP.

If you need to change the
directory or the Access mode,
click on "Edit Properties" or
double-click the service.

FTP-clients are able to make
a directory listing, using the
"LS" and "DIR" command.
You can define the Listing
You can change the location
for the FTP-files on your disk.

Unless WWW-files, which are
always just downloaded from
the webserver to the client,
FTP is able also to UPLOAD
files, but this functionality
must be activated by putting
the check-mark on "Write".

Logging connections to the Web-Server:

tab : Logging

Both the WWW and FTP-service
allow to create a Log-file for
logging any access to the

You need to monitor this, because
if you have activate loging, then
these Log-files can grow very
large on a bust website, using up
a lot of disk-capacity.

There is one item missing in the Webserver provided with NT4 Workstation:
Support for Server-based Scripting : ASP-pages
If you require this functionality:

Web-Server : ASP Upgrade


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