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Web-Server : ASP Upgrade

Today's webpages become more and more interactive, and are used to
process data (like: placing orders).
This requires Server-based processing, which was in the early days
of the Internet usually a CGI-script, written in Perl or C.

On a Microsoft Webserver, Microsoft has introduced:
"Active Server Pages (ASP)", which use Visual Basic Scripting.

The version of Peer-Webserver provided with NT4-Workstation is not
able to process ASP-pages, even if you allowed in the Properties of
the WWW-service the Access: "Execute":

on trying to process an ASP-webpage, Internet Explorer will display
the error message:
"Error 501/505 -
Not Implemented
or not Supported

But the Webserver can be upgraded for ASP-processing.
This upgrade was provided on the NT-ServicePack 3 CD-ROM
(sorry, I am not aware of any download URL for this) :

On the NT4 ServicePack 3 CD-ROM in
the directory \IIS\ASP, run the

The installation begins with opening a Command-box and them extracting
files. Accept the License agreement:

Allow the installation to "stop" the currently cunning services:

You can select some
installation options:
If you are not planing
to connect via ASP to a
database, you do not need
to install ODBC-drivers.

If you do not need the
(because you are already
familiar with ASP) or if
you are short in disk-capacity,
you can choose NOT to
install the documentation.
The Webservices need to be
restarted, which would happen
on the next reboot.
Usually you would click here on
"Yes" to restart the services.


An HTML-page with
Server-Based scripting
requires the "Execute"
access permission:

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