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Networking with Windows NT 4 Workstation

Commercial Message:

I am now starting to work with the 'Windows NT 4 Workstation'.
I have freed up a dedicated partition for it on my home-PC (which I will then operate in Dual-Boot with
my Windows95 partition, using the Boot-Manager of Partition Magic 3.0).
However, when setting up NT4 at work, I had already to learn, that NT 4 is really different and has now only the pretty looks in common with Windows95:

If your system has both a 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drive, make sure that you are NOT
using the BIOS-feature of 'swapping Floppy drive characters', because NT ignores
that and then you are in all kind of compatibility problems !

I will not repeat all the Networking/Ethernet basic info, for that please have a look to the detailed sections is :
FAQ Windows 95 Networking and Network Basics.

Do you manage your own Mail-Server ?
Is your Mail-Server protected against virus-attacks ?

Try the new Freeware version of
GFI MailSecurity :

The freeware version basically allows administrators to scan all their mail for viruses at no cost!
If they want other security features and multiple virus engines, then that would require purchasing a license.
Even if they already have antivirus installed, another anti virus engine on their email server will just double up
their security at no cost.
The full release about the freeware version is available at : http://www.gfi.com/news/en/msec8freeware.htm.

I strongly suggest to follow an advise, which I found myself in several books on Windows NT:
"During installation of Windows NT4, do NOT define the network !
Get first the basic system
WITHOUT networking properly up-and-running (including the sound-board, if you have one) and THEN in a second phase setup/configure the networking"

- NT4 Server

Network Installation:
NT4 Installation/Setup of Network-Drivers (Created Nov.1,97)
NT4 User Permissions (Created Nov.1,97)
NT4 User Passwords (created June 30,99)
NT4 Disk Sharing (updated: jan. 22,2000)
NT4 Network Neighborhood / Mapping (created Dec.19,1999)
NT4 Connecting from a Windows95 System (Updated Dec.7,97)
NT4/2000 Restart/Rebot with mapped Network drivers (created May 1, 2001)
NT4 Hidden Systems (created Dec. 19,1999)
NT4 providing the User Database for Win95/98 User-level Sharing (created July 10,99)
Synchronize Time via the Network (created July 5,2000)
Windows NT4 Workstation versus NT4 Server (created July 16,99)
Windows NT4 Workgroup versus Domain (created July 16,99)
NT4 workstation joining an NT Domain , Logon-Script (created July 16,99)
NT4 workstation joining an Windows2000 Domain (created May 9, 2001)
Connection via a Router to a NT Domain Server ( modified March 24, 2001 )
NT4 Guest account (Created Dec.7,97)
Multiple Network Adapters (Created Jan.11,98)
- Automated Login using TweakUI or Registry Settings (Updated Feb.28,99)

TCP/IP protocol (Created Non.8,97)
Multiple IP-addresses on a Network Card (created July 1,2000)
NT4 as Client on Novell Netware Networks (created Nov.8,97)
- Connection to UNIX via NFS (Created Dec.13,97)
- Using Microsoft Exchange as Workgroup E-mail system (updated mar.11,2000)
- Popup Messages (created July 1,2000)
- NT4 Workstation Web-Server (created June 24,2000)

Dial-Up Networking (DUN) / Remote Access Services (RAS)
- Installation of the Modem (Created Nov.11,97)
- Modem Inactivity Timeout (created Aug.21,99)
- Installation of Dial-Up Networking (Created Nov.11,97)
- Verification of the Dial-Up Networking Setup (Created Nov.11,97)
- Define a Dial-Up Networking Connection (Created Nov.11,97)
- Configure DUN as Internet Connection (Created Nov.11,97)
- Dialing out via DUN to the Internet (Created Nov.11,97)
- Virtual Private Networks (VPN / PPTP) (created July 26,98)
- Windows NT4 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Client Installation (created July 28,2001)
- Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (created Aug. 11,2001)
- Proxy / Personal Firewall (created Nov. 1, 2000)
- Modem Speed (created June 8,2000)
Direct Cable Connections
- Direct-Cable Connection between Win95 and NT4
- Direct-Cable Connection between NT4-systems
Remote Access Server (RAS) for Dialing-In (Created Nov.11,97)
- Dialing in to an NT4 Remote Access Server (Created Nov.13,97)
- Dialing in via NT4 RAS/DUN to Netware (Created Nov.14,97)
- Dialup Networking with TCP/IP (created Aug.15,98)
- Dial-Up Networking Call Back (Created Nov.14,97)
- DUN/RAS connection is terminated quickly/unpredictable

Commercial Message:

White Papers on Email Security :
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Scanners (Short Summary) ( Full Article)
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Network Trouble-Shooting:
Always use your Event Viewer (created July 28,98) !
Service Packs (updated Dec. 2, 2000)
Encryption Conflict between IE5.5 and SP6a (created Dec. 2, 2000)
- "
Not Enough Server Storage to run this command" (Created Mar.7,98)
"System process - Lost delayed write data" (created Sept.22,98)
- NT4 Share - not accessible / Device is not ready (created Aug. 2,2000)
How to disable Network Redirector File Caching ?
- No Sharing command in the Context-Menu (Created Mar.7,98)

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