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Connecting to a Novell-Netware Server

As long as the required user-account is already setup on the Novell-Netware server, connecting a Windows95 system to it is a very easy task and even easier than to setup a PC-to-PC network (I think, that Microsoft has reach their goal to create with Windows95 the best possible Client access to Novell).

Once the network board is installed, Windows95 loads both Clients for Microsoft and Netware Networks and both NetBEUI and IXP/SPX-protocols. As long as you connect ONLY to the Netware server, you should delete the Client for Microsoft networks and the NetBEUI-protocol (since they are only using up valuable memory):

There is no need to make any change to the default settings on the "
IPX/SPX" protocol. However, if you do decided to put in a specific IPX-Frame type, make sure it matches the IPX-Frame type define on your Netware server.

That's it, you are ready to reboot your Windows95 system.

If the system comes then up with this Logon-Screen:

Bad luck ! This is the Windows95 Login-Screen.
You have either a Setup-problem or a cabling problem.
During bootup, Windows95 searches for a Novell-Netware server to connect to, but if it cannot find one, it reverts back to it own Login-Screen.
If Windows95 is able to find on the network a Novell-Netware server, you get as login:

Now, enter your User-Name (as it has been defined by the Novell-Netware-Server Supervisor/Administrator), your password and your Login-Server.
If this information is valid, the Login-Script will process, and then you can access the resources on the server, as far as you have the permissions for it).

Usually, the Login-scripts (either the System script or the User-script) predefine already a few drive-mappings to the server, but this really depends on the local setup.

In addition, the Novel-Server is now shown in the Network-Neighborhood. It can be browsed to display all resource, to which you have permission.

That is big difference to PC-to-PC networking:
On a Novell-Netware server, you only see resources, for which you have permission to use it.

If you have a Novell-Netware 3.1/3.11 server, that is all you need.

On Netware 4.x servers, Novell introduces:
NDS: Netware Directory Services

which makes the User-administration on a Multi-Server configuration quicker and more powerful. The 'Microsoft Client for Netware' only support the User-management of Netware 3.1, which used a database called 'Bindery'.
However, most Netware 4.x servers are configured for Bindery-Emulation, so you can still used the 'Microsoft Client for Netware' to connect, but you cannot take advantage of the new NDS on multi-server configurations.
For support of NDS, there are now 2 solutions:

1) Install the Novell Client for Netware, usually called 'Novell Client32'
  This Novell-Client software is NOT included in Windows95, but supplied by Novell,
either as part of the Server-software or as download from http://www.novell.com.
( be warned: last time I looked, the download of Client32 was more than 5 MByte !).
I myself have no experience with Client32, since I am connected to Netware 3.11 servers,
for which there is no need/benefit to use Client32.
So, if you are looking for help on Client32: sorry, you will not find it here !
2) Install the Microsoft support for NDS
  Microsoft supplies also support for NDS, however there is a serious limitation:
It does not allow to run the Netware-4.x ADMIN program (to make the User/resource
administration), because to my knowledge, Novell has bundled some of the DLL's
required for ADMIN with the Client32 !
There are some documents on the Novell-website on setting up a so-called
'legacy ADMIN', which I will NOT cover here, please go to: http://www.novell.com
The Microsoft NDS support is supplied with the OSR1 and ORS2 versions, but was not included in the original Aug.95 version. If you have this version of Windows95, you can download the NDS-support from: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/software/msnds.htm
(it is a file called MSNDS.EXE, 371 KByte)

To install the Microsoft NDS-support, select in the 'Control-Panel' 'Network' applet the ADD-button, then SERVICES (not Client !):

As usual, it is configured via the properties:

where you can now define your Netware-4.x Preferred
Tree and your Context.

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