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In cases of problems, I have the tendency first to yell that the computers:

my friends tell me, that this picture is a 'close' match to reality and the animation below
is also a good description of my typical behavior :

then I try to calm down by listening to some Music , try to relax
( before I run through the list of possible causes :

Need a new keyboard ?
Most troube-shooting under Windows requires loading/unloading of devices or
changing some of the parameters of devices, which is then causing a lot of rebooting,
sometimes you are trouble-shooting hangup's, and then a very special keyboard
could be helpful:

Just joking.......

Are you looking for a new mobile phone ?

if you are really frustrated and need a good laugh to lighten up again :

- if you have the time to download the 227 Kbyte animation, have a look at "
Bad Day"
(with some special keyboard action going on.......)

- read the joke on "
Bill Gates goes to Hell"
- read the joke on
"Bill Gates and GM"
- read the joke on "
Windows Versus Unix"
- view Gilbert's strange definition of "
Software Bug or Feature".
- are there
Hidden Settings to explain unpredicatble behavior of some software ?
- do you have problems
supporting people, which have no clue about PC's ?
- if you work in a Support function or are asking for Support, is your
Support Procedure ?
- is your PC/network salesman or support person a
Homer Simpson ?

If you like some action to
work out your frustrations
( hitting your screen with a hammer or cutting it into pieces using a chain-saw ? )

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