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ICS Advanced Configuration

Installing ICS using the default values (like: IP-address for the ICS-host) works fine for a home-network, but in an office setup, there is most often already a range of IP-addresses defined, so there is a need to configure ICS to use non-default IP-addresses .

There is no configuration window to define ICS-IP-addresses, changes have to be made directly in the registry, and the ICS-values are stored in:
key: IntranetInfo, value: ","

To change the IP-address of the ICS-host, modify under "Settings\General" the key for "IntranetInfo" (in my example to :

When changing the address of the ICS-host, you also need to change the IP-address for all other systems on the network, so the ICS-
DHCP-server must also be configured for a new IP-address range, under the key: "Addressing\Settings":

In this example, I change the DHCP-range also to 192.168.10.x,
intending to use the addresses 11 to 20.
lets not forget, that we have to change the
IP-address in the Network configuration.

When re-starting the ICS-Clients, check their TCP/IP-configuration with "WINIPCFG":

If it still shows the original IP-address
assigned (192.168.0.x ), click on
the button "Release" to instruct your
system to give up this IP-address and
to request a new IP-address from
the DHCP-server
Now, there is no IP-address defined.
( IP-address means: no IP-address assigned)

Restart your system.
On my system, when I restarted, I got as
new IP-address
While the subnet 192.168.10.x is ok,
why did I get the address "1" ???

I had configured the range of IP-addresses
in the ICS-DHCP-server from 11 to 20 :

Seems to be a bug.

In an office setup with a Windows NT-server, you will most probably have configured already a DHCP-server on the NT-server, so there is no need for the ICS-DHCP-server.

On the Windows98 SE CD-ROM in the directory:
\TOOLS\MTSUTIL\ICS, there are INF-files to
de-activate and re-activate the ICS-DHCP-server.
(use right-click to select the INSTALL-option)

There is also the text-file ICS.TXT with some more
details on these INF-files:

It shows the registry entries for these functions, so you could also use REGEDIT to make the modification manually:
key: "EnableDHCP", value : "1"

When disabling the ICS-DHCP-server, make sure that you either configure manually all required TCP/IP-values on the ICS-Clients or that the DHCP-server on the NT-server provides all required information.

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