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FTP: GUI-Clients

If you need to transfer much data with FTP, you may like to get some more comfort (compared to the FTP: Command-Line Operation or FTP : Internet Browsers) by using a real FTP-client with a GUI, like the well known:

which offer a shareware download
of their WS-FTP client.


Again, we connect to "McAfee", using "anonymous" ftp to login:
press 'ok' to connect:

The left window shows local files, while the right windows shows the files/ directories in the '
root' directory of the "McAfee" ftp-server:

The bottom window shows the real FTP-commands transmitted and the answers back from the FTP-Server.
We continue to the '
pub' directory:

and continue to the '
antivirus' directory

and continue to the '
win95' directory:

Part of the 'comfort' is the possibility to select a TXT-file and request to
display it by clicking the 'View'-button (which make a file-transfer and
starts up NOTEPAD):

We are now read to download by selecting a file and the selecting the transfer
direction: "<---> to download from the Remote system to the Local System:

During a file transfer, the current
status: is shown.

Such a FTP-client is also able to UPLOAD file (which is also possible with the
FTP: Command-Line Operation, but NOT supported by the FTP : Internet Browsers.

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