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Windows98 / Windows98 Second Edition:
What is new in Windows98 and its Networking (updated Aug. 22,98)
* Windows 98: PowerToys / TweakUI (created July 11,98)
* Windows 98: TCP/IP AutoConfiguration (created July 15,98)
* Interrupt Sharing on PCI-devices (created Nov. 1,98)

And there are some commonly reported problems:
Windows95 and Windows98 systems do NOT see each other
and a fix (?) in the Windows98 Service pack:
Windows 98 Update

Network Basics
* software components, protocols
* Network cabling: 10base2, 10baseT, 100baseT
* Network card installation/diagnostics

PC-to-PC / Peer-to-Peer / Workgroup Networking:  
- Installing MS PC-to-PC Network software (updated: July 8,98)
Sharing and Mapping of a Network drive (updated Jan 23,99)
- Sharing: Access Control, Share-level / User-Level (updated Aug.17,99)
- Sharing and Mapping via the Internet (created MJuly 15,98)
- Hidden Shared Resources (created June 28,98)
Restart/Reboot with mapped Network drives (updated May 1, 2001 )
Synchronize Time via the Network (created July 5,2000)
Network Printing (created Feb.7,98)
Network Neighborhood: Browsing Network (Browse-Master) (Mar.20,99)
- Networking with Windows NT 4 Workstation
- Networking between Windows2000 and Windows95/98 (created may 25,2001 )
- Networking between WindowsXP and Windows95/98/ME (modified March 2,2002)
- Workgroups have Limitations (created Nov.13,97)
- Monitoring Connections to the Windows95 Server (created Nov.13,97)
- Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (Created Mar. 7,98)
- Windows 3.1 (Created: Apr. 18,98)
- Connection with a DOS-system as Client/Server (Updated June.30,99)
- Windows9x Boot Floppy disk with network support (created Mar.3, 2001)
- WLAN Wireless Networking (created : Sept. 6, 2003)


  Modem Networking:
- Dialup Connection to the Internet (updated July 24,98)
Problems browsing the Web (created June 24,2000)
Dialup-Networking Server (updated Sept.27,98)
- Installation of DUN 1.2 Upgrade (created Aug. 4,98)
- Dial-Up Networking 1.3 / 1.4 Upgrade (updated Dec. 9, 2001)
- Security concerns on Internet connections (created feb.6,99)
- Sharing and Mapping a drive via the Internet (updated July 26,98)
- Proxy (created Aug. 9,98)
- Personal Firewall (created Nov.1, 2000)
Dialup Networking with TCP/IP (created Aug.15,98)
- Virtual Private Networks (VPN / PPTP) (created July 26,98)
- Sharing a Modem for Internet Access (updated: Aug.7,98)
- Internet Connection Sharing (updated: Aug. 11,2001)
- Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (created Aug.11,2001)
- Remote Access or Remote Control (pcAnyWhere) (Created Dec.6,97)
- Win95/98 Connecting to Windows2000 (created Feb.12,2000)
- Modem Speed (created June 8,2000)
  - PCMCIA Modem Setup (Created Apr. 5,98)
  Windows95: - Dialup-Server FREE as Download (updated Mar.4,99)
Windows98: - Dialup-Server is included
  ADSL :
ADSL via Network Card (created Aug. 18,2001 )
Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing for ADSL (created Sept. 2,2001)
(or Cable-Modem)
Alternative access software for ADSL / Cable-Modems : RASPPPOE (created Nov.1,2001)

ADSL via Network Card : Problems with ADSL Connection
ADSL/DSL connection stops ("hangs up") after a few minutes
Direct Cable Connection Networking
- Direct-Cable Connection (updated Sept.27,98)
- Using DCC and DUN at the same time (updated Aug.15,2001)
- Modem Internet Connection Sharing via DCC (created Aug. 15,2001)
- ADSL / Cable Modem Internet Connection Sharing via DCC (created Sept. 2,2001)
- Windows XP Direct Cable Connection from Windows95
Infrared Communication :
InfraRed Configuration for Windows 95/98/ME (created Aug.31, 2002)
Installation Direct-Cable Connection for Infrared (created Aug.31, 2002)
Usage of Direct-Cable Connection via Infrared (created Aug.31, 2002)
- USB Networking Indroduction (created Jan. 7, 2001)
Windows9x USB Networking Installation (created Jan. 7, 2001)
- WLAN - Wireless Networking (created Sept. 6, 2003)

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White Papers on Email Security :
One Virus Engine Is Not Enough: The Case for Maximizing Network Protection with Multiple Anti-Virus
Scanners (Short Summary) ( Full Article)
Why You Need an Email Exploit Detection Engine: Networks Must Supplement Anti-Virus Protection for
Maximum Security (Short Summary) ( Full Article)
Protecting your network against email threats: How to block email viruses and attacks (Short Summary) ( Full article )
Why anti-virus software is not enough: The urgent need for server-based email content checking
(Short Summary) ( Full article )
Email security (Short Summary) ( Full article )

Network-Connection to a Server:
- Windows95 and Novell Netware Server (Updated Oct.28,97)
- Connection to UNIX (updated May 15,98)
- Connection from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server (created Feb.24,98)
- NT4 Server (created: june 1,98)
- Connection a Windows95/98 system to a NT Domain Server (created:June 6,98)
- Connection a Windows95/98 system to a Windows 2000 server (created May 5,2001)
- Administration of NT4-Server via Windows NT Server Tools (created July 9,2000)
Connection via a Router to a NT Domain Server (modified March 24, 2001 )
Enforcing Network Login via POLEDIT (created July 12,98)

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