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Using Outlook 98 in Workgroup e-Mail

The main e-mail clients delivered by Microsoft are now:
- Outlook Express for Internet e-mail and as Newsgroup reader
- Outlook ( 98 or now
2000), for Internet e-mail,Exchange server and MS-Mail.

The "MS-Mail" option allows to use Outlook as e-mail client in the Exchange
Workgroup (instead of the "Windows Messaging" included with Win95,98, NT4)

You need anyway first to install "Windows Messaging" to be able to configure
the users of the mail post-office
Once that is working, you can start the "upgrade to Outlook":

(click on the computer-icon next to "Install Outlook 98" to start the installation)

you need to "accept"
the license agreement
Your User information
I suggest to make the
"Standard Installation"

Outlook 98 requires
that the Microsoft
Internet Explorer 4.x
or higher is installed,
and if that is missing,
it will get installed,
if you like it or not.
Select, whether you like
to install also
"Outlook Express"
(maybe as additional
Internet e-mail client
or as Newsgroup reader).
If your system has NO
Internet connection, then
there is no need to install
Outlook Express.
You MUST install the
"Corporate or Workgroup"
The Installation path
(unless you have a good
reason to change it, use
the proposed default)
maybe you get this.
I prefer always to
"reinstall all components",
it takes a little longer, but
I like to be sure that
all components are properly
if required, first the
"Internet Explorer 4.x" is
installed, then Outlook98.
You have no choice:
your system will reboot !
But look at your mail-icon
on the Desktop: it changed
To configure the e-mail
setup for Outlook,
right-click on the icon on
the desktop to select

You can also use
multiple profiles with
Outlook98 for multiple
users working with e-mail
on the same system.

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