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Verification of Exchange Mail Client Configuration

The mail post-office is define, now we have configured the mail-client,
and could start
using the E-mail Client, but there is sometimes the need
to modify an existing mail-configuration
(example: to allow Multiple users
to read/write mail on the same system

Right-click on the "Inbox" icon on the desktop
and select "Properties"
The Mail configuration is listing
all components:

A "Personal Folder" allows to
store messages on your own disk
outside the Post-office (often used
to archieve mail messages) in a PST-file.

The "Personal Address Book" can be used
to define e-mail addresses,which are NOT
defined as part of the Post-office (usually
Internet-e-mail addresses) in a PAB-file.

"Microsoft Mail" is the service allowing
to exchange messages between multiple
systems, the details can be viewed/modified
by selecting "Properties"

tab: Connection:

Defines the location of the Post-office
(in this example on the local disk, but
on other systems on this installation it
will show a network path).
tab: Delivery
by default, the e-mail client will check
for new mail every 10 minutes, you need
to adjust it for a quicker delivery
(like: check every 1 minute)
Tip: you can manually request an immediate
delivery of new mail via "Tools" / "Deliver Now":

There are much more parameters to configure, which I am not going to cover here.

A "Frequently Asked Question": "Can multiple users read/write e-mail on ONE system ?"

Yes, Multiple Users can read/write e-mail on the same system using Mail-Profiles

Multiple Exchange Mail Clients
Installation/Configuration of Network Mail Client
Using the Exchange Mail Client

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