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Installation of the Exchange postoffice

One system has to be designated to be the host for the mail-postoffice:

Windows95 (Windows98 see next section , Windows NT4 ):

Version Aug.95  
Install via "Control-Panel",
applet "Add/Remove Programs",
tab: "Windows Setup"
the component:
"Microsoft Exchange"
(this line has sub-options, make
sure, that BOTH are selected

You will then need your
Windows95 CD-ROM/floppies.
version Windows95 B (OSR2)  
On Windows95B (OSR2),
it has been renamed to
"Windows Messaging"
Windows NT4  
Also on Windows NT4,
it is called:
"Windows Messaging".
It include 3 components,
which should be selected
via the Details-button.
You need to select the core
- Windows Messaging
- Microsoft Mail

depending if you also like
to connect to the Internet, you
can select also "Internet Mail"

There are small differences in the installation procedures, depending on the
Windows95 or NT4 version, but they are very similar:

The installation procedure will start the Exchange Configuration, but since we do not yet have a post-office defined, we cannot configure the mail-client,so select here: "Cancel".

You are then asked to confirm this, and also informed, that you can later configure "Exchange" at any time via the "inbox" icon.

Your "Control-Panel" has now 2 more icons, allowing
to configure the "Microsoft Mail Post-Office" and
to configure the Exchange "Mail and Fax" client.

Windows 98:

The standard Windows Setup program in the Control-Panel does NOT anymore include the setup of a Workgroup-eMail system !
But it is still provided on the Windows98 CD-ROM under
\tools\oldwin95\message, please view the file "wms-fax.txt":

To install the Workgroup-eMail, DOUBLE-click on "wms":

Although it is stored under "oldwin95", Microsoft insists:

The system installs the files and starts the Configuration process for the eMail Client: since the eMail post-office is not yet defined, select here: "Cancel":

Confirm your "cancelation":

But now, your Windows98 system contains in the Control-Panel the required icons for setting up the workgroup-eMail and the Desktop has the Inbox-icon:

You will see later: it is the Windows95 version of the eMail
Software, which is included with Windows98.

Creation of the eMail Post-office

Select/create now a directory to store the Post-office(example: "C:\wg_mail").

then startup in the Control-panel the applet:
"Microsoft Mail Postoffice"
when asked,
select to:
"Create a new
Workgroup Postoffice"
Enter the location
for storing the
The post-office
will be created
in this directory.
Define the name
of the person in
charge for the
database: the
Finished !
Just the reminder,
that the location of
the Post-Office
needs to be "Shared"
to allow other users
to access the mail
via the network.
So, lets do it:
locate the directory for the
postoffice, and select from the
Context-menu (right button click)
the option "Sharing"
You can define a new name
for this shared resource.
make sure, that you give
"FULL" Access.
Done, the mail post-office
is now accessible on the


Definition of Exchange Mail Users

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