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Exchange e-Mail

When in the "Stone-Age" of computers/networking (which is just 25 year ago!) the first few systems connected to the ARPANET (which became later the Internet), one service become immediately very popular with the users: "e-Mail".

Windows95 and NT4 include a simple workgroup-mail-system, based on the "Microsoft Exchange Client", later (in OSR2 called "Windows Messaging") and if you can work with its limitations:
- no mail exchange with users of other postoffices
- no access to any Microsoft Mail gateways
- simplified administration tools,
it will work fine.

It is included in Windows98 as an
old Windows95 software.

( if an e-mail system is too much for your usage and if you just like to send
quick messages over your network for immediate display , not being stored
for later delivery, then you can use the simple
Windows Popup-Messages ).

Microsoft is now using the name "Exchange" for the
based Client-Server-E-Mail system, using now Outlook as
e-mail client and allowing communication between multiple
site and with gateways to the Internet and other e-mail systems.

Commercial Message:

The "
Post-Office": like on the paper-based mail-system ("snail-mail"), somebody needs to organize the mail and its delivery, and since it is up to the users to define, on when to read their new messages and on how long to keep messages ( before deleting them), mail messages need to be stored in a database, and databases containing mail-messages are usually called: "Post-Office".
Installation of the Exchange postoffice
Definition of Exchange Mail Users
Configuration of Exchange Mail Client
Verification of Exchange Mail Client Configuration
Installation/Configuration of Network Mail Client
and finally:
Using the Exchange Mail Client

Multiple Exchange Mail Clients/Users for multiple users on the same system
Using Outlook 98 in Workgroup e-Mail
Using Outlook 2000 in Workgroup e-Mail
Multiple Outlook Mail Clients on one System

Windows2000 and Microsoft Mail Postoffice

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