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Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade

Microsoft has just release the "Dialup-Networking upgrade 1.3" (Aug. 98)

The release-Notes can be viewed in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, article Q154091:


The upgrade (file: MSDUN13.EXE, 2.24 MByte) can be downloaded from the
Microsoft Website:

Microsoft has release the "Dialup-Networking upgrade 1.4"
The release-Notes can be viewed in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, article Q285189:

containing also the download links for the different Windows95 and Windows98 versions.

nothing new in the DUN 1.4 upgrade; just all the features of DUN 1.3 plus vpn & security
updates and enables 128-bit pptp encryption)

Special installation note ( updated: Mar. 4,99: contributed by Ray LeBlanc, Technical Specialist, Federated Co-operatives Limited, also documented in the Microsoft Knowledge base article Q191810):

Your current Windows95 version
will most probably show in the
Control-Panel applet:
"Add/Remove Programs" on the
tab: "Windows Setup" in the
details of "Communications"
the item for"Dial-Up Networking".
Start the Installation of the
Dialup-Networking Upgrade 1.3
The system will reboot once,
then continue to install all the
different (and new) components
of this DUN Upgrade.
But on checking now in
"Dial-Up Networking"
under "Connections":
No Dial-up Server is installed !

This is a different behavior: While the Dialup-Networking Upgrade 1.2 installs by default
also the Dialup-Server, the Upgrade 1.3 actually UN-INSTALLS any previously installed
Dialup-Server, but does NOT install the new version of Dialup-Server !.

The DUN Upgrade 1.3 modified your
Windows-Setup list, because when you
now check in the Control-Panel applet:
"Add/Remove Programs" under the
tab:"Windows Setup", now in the
details of "Communications" is a new
item "Dial-Up Server", un-check
(=not installed) by default.

Just put the Check-mark in to install
now the Dial-Up Server.
And now you are able to receive
Incoming calls for your
Dial-Up Server.


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