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Configure Dial-Up Connection

We need now to define the Properties of the new 'Dial-Up' Connection:

Win95B (OSR2) or DUN 1.2 Upg.

The tab: 'General' shows the information entered during the creation of the connection.
Select in the section 'Connect using' the button: 'Configure' to check the configuration of your modem:
- verify the 'Connection preferences' (usually 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop-bit).
- check under 'Advanced', that you use 'Error-control' and as 'Flow-Control' the 'Hardware (RTS/CTS)':

On the tab: 'Options', make sure, that in the 'Connection Control' all items are unchecked:

Win95B (OSR2) or DUN 1.2 Upg.

We did NOT configure the TCP/IP-protocol setting for the 'Dial-Up Adapter' in the 'Control-Panel' 'Network'-applet, but we do it now as part of the setup of the 'Dial-Up' connection:
In the properties of the Dial-Up connection, select the tab: 'Server Types' and verify:
- Type of Dial-Up Server:
PPP: Windows95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet
- in the section 'Advanced options', uncheck all option
- Allow only TCP/IP as network protocol
- in the TCP/IP-settings, enter now the IP-address(es) of your
(this information is supplied by your

Most ISP allow (or even require) now, that also the DNS server is assigned and not anymore specified manually.

Dial-Up Script Setup

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