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Update Network Client 3.0 with new Drivers

A DOS-based system can connect to a Windows95 or WindowsNT4 Workstation or a Windows NT server using the "Microsoft Network Client 3.0".

The SETUP-floppy contain the drivers for the most popular Network-boards:

But Microsoft has not updated this list for several years with new network-boards, for example, the list is missing the commonly used "3COM FastEthernet
3C905B" board, which I use here as an example for updating the the setup-floppies (as show in Knowledge base article Q128800):

Look on the driver-floppies of your
Network-board for a directory
with the NDIS2-drivers for DOS,
which has to include the file:

This file needs to include a section:
[netcard] and 2 sections for the
specific driver for installation and
for initialization.

Look now on the floppy #1 of the
"Network Client 3.0" for the
file: "WCNET.INF",

open this file for editing,
because you have now to
copy/paste some information
from the OEMSETUP.INF of your
network-board to this file:

1) copy the section [netcard]

2) copy the NDIS2 driver's installation and initialization section from the
OEMSETUP.INF to the end of this WCNET.INF-file
(the names of these sections are defined in the [netcard]-section) :

3) in the appended section of WCNET.INF, remove (or make them
comment-lines as shown below) the "devDIR" and "device" lines.
Add the line: "ndis2=1:<drivername>"
(for example for the 3C905B: ndis2=1:EL90X.DOS),
then save WCNET.INF.

4) Copy the NDIS2-driver file to the SETUP-floppy#1
(for the 3C905B: EL90X.DOS)

When now running the SETUP of the "Network Client 3.0", you can select
from the list your network-card:

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