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Direct-Cable Connection

Since it is also part of networking, let me also cover the direct connection of 2 (and ONLY two, NOT more) systems via a cross-over parallel or serial cable (you can also use between
2 notebooks
wireless Infrared communication )..

If you are not yet familiar with it, please review the
Introduction to Direct Cable Connections,
explaining the basic principle and the need for
special cables (either purchased or self-made)

If you used previously on MS-DOS the "Interlnk/Intersrv" solution:
"forget everything you know about it, it has all changed !"

The installation and operation is similar to Ethernet and "Modem" networking and involves setting up:
- Network Client
- Network Protocol
- Network Server ("File and Print Sharing")
- Network Adapter: your serial port COMx or printer-port LPTx.

Direct-Cable Connection (DCC) is closely related to Dial-up Networking (DUN),
it is partially using the same software modules (PPPMAC.VXD) and
for simultaneous use pf both together some limitations appy, see:
Using DCC and DUN at the same time

Before installing the Direct-Cable-Connection via the Parallel-(=Printer)-Port:
I have received a few messages suggesting to make sure, that on BOTH systems the parallel / printer-port is configured the same in the PC-BIOS (on both system as Bi-directional, ECP or EPP). With differently configured Parallel-Ports, you may not be able to synchronize, not being able to establish a connection.

Installation Direct-Cable Connection (updated Sept.27,98)
Configuration Direct-Cable Connection (Created Feb.1,98)

Usage of Direct-Cable Connection (updated Feb.14,2000)
to connect standalone systems

Use DCC to connect to a Network

- Direct-Cable Connection between Win95 and NT4 (updated Jan.15,2000)
Win95/98/ME DCC Connection to Win2000 (created Feb.12,2000)
Trouble Shooting a DCC Connection (created Feb.14,2000)
Using DCC and DUN at the same time (created Aug. 23,98)

- Performance of Direct-Cable Connection (Updated Feb.1,98)
Links to other sites with information on DCC

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