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Page Overview Win9x

Basics / Step-by-Step , Windods NT4 (Win95/98) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Trouble-Shooting / Indexes / General

  Created/modified :
  Install MS PC-to-PC Network
  Sharing and Mapping
  Share and User Level access
  Hidden Shared Resources
  Restart/Reboot with mapped Network drives
  Network Printing
  Browsing the Network
  Synchronize Time via the Network
  Workgroups have Limitations
  Monitoring Connections to the Windows95 Server
  Ethernet and Dialup-adapter
  Dialup Connection to the Internet
  Modem Setup
  Modem Speed
  PCMCIA Modem Setup
  Install Dialup Networking
  Define Dial-Up Connection
  Configure Dial-Up Connection
  Dial-Up Script Setup
  Making a Connection
  Security concerns on Internet connections
  Installation of DUN 1.2 Upgrade
  Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade
  Setup of a simple Proxy
  Sharing and Mapping via the Internet
  Dialup-Networking Server
  Remote Access or Remote Control (pcAnyWhere)
  Dialup-Server FREE as Download
  Direct-Cable Connection
  Installation Direct-Cable Connection
  Configuration Direct-Cable Connection
  Usage of Direct-Cable Connection
  Use DCC to connect to a Network
  Direct-Cable Connection between Win95 and NT4
  Using DCC and DUN at the same time
  Performance of Direct-Cable Connection
  Cable Specification for Direct-Cable Connection
  Trouble Shooting a DCC Connection
  Using the USB port for Networking
  Windows / Network Login and TweakUI
  Windows 3.1
  Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  WfW 3.11 Network Configuration
  WfW 3.11 Sharing and Mapping
  Connection with a DOS-system
  Connection from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server
  Connection from a DOS-system using TCP/IP
  DOS Network Boot Floppy
  Update Network Client 3.0 with new Drivers
  DOS-based Microsoft Network Server
  Windows9x Network Boot Floppy
  Your own "Personal Web Server"
  Windows95 and Novell Netware Server
  Connecting to a Novell-Netware Server
  Using Long-Filename on a Netware Server
  File and Print Sharing, while connected to a Novell-Netware Server
  Sharing the printer a Netware Print-Queue
  Dial-Up connection to Windows95/Novell-Netware Server
  Connection a Windows95 system to a NT Domain Server
  Windows 2000 Server: Connection from Windows95/98
  Connection via a Router to a NT Domain Server
  Playing Games via IPX/SPX
  Installation of Win95/98 System Policy Editor (POLEDIT)
  Enforcing Network Login via POLEDIT
  How to delete the Network Neighborhood Icon
  Multiple IP-addresses on a Network Card
  Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing
  Modem Internet Connection via DCC
  Modem Internet Connection via DCC: Host
  Modem Internet Connection via DCC: Client
  ADSL via Network Card
  ADSL via Network Card : Installation of Network card
  ADSL via Network Card : Installation / Configuration of the ADSL software
  ADSL via Network Card : Configure the ADSL Connection
  ADSL via Network Card : make the Connection to the Internet
  Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing for ADSL
  ADSL Internet Connection Sharing via DCC
  ADSL Internet Connection Sharing via DCC: Host
  ADSL via Network Card : Problems with ADSL Connection / periodic delays
  ADSL via Network Card : Alternative Access software : RASPPPOE (Win9x)


Windows ME:

  Created/modified :
  Windows ME Compressed Folders
  Windows ME Sharing using Home Network Wizard
  Windows ME Defining a Dial-Up Networking Connection
  Windows ME Making a Dial-Up Networking Connection
  TweakUI for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000
  Automatic Search for Network Shares
  Windows ME Network Card Installation

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