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Page Overview : Trouble Shooting / Index

Basics / Step-by-Step , Windows 95/98/ME, Windods NT4 (Win95/98) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP


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  Troubleshooting Center  
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  Multi-Connector Board
  Testing Connection using 'NET DIAG'
  Testing Connection using TCP/IP
  Ping works only in ONE direction
  FastEthernet and Hubs : Auto Select failing
  What is my IP/Ethernet Address ?
  Choosing the proper protocol
  The IPX Frame Trap
  IPX:Error loading protocol 0, error 254
  Netware Compatible shell is not available
  System proces - Lost delayed write data
  Error Mapping a Drive
  I forgot my Windows95 Password
  Dialup-Networking does NOT save the Password
  "Connect to" dialog-box on LAN-usage
  Error Browsing/Mapping a Drive on an NT System
  Windows98 is not able to connect to SAMBA
  Windows95 and Windows98 systems do NOT see each other
  Unable to Browse the NT Server
  NT4 Share - Device is not ready
  Tab: "Access Control" is missing
  File and Print Sharing Not Available
  Buttons/Menus for File Sharing missing
  Is the Network-Connection "healthy" ?
  The Network is slow !
  It takes a long time to shutdown
  Networks require a Common Ground
  Checking: PC not shown in Network Neigborhood
  Network Client-Cache
  Possible Data Corruption by Microsoft Network Client
  Cannot get on Bootup the Logon Window
  Virus Check
  Delete ALL network items and re-install
  Device Manager Codes
  Using Telnet to delete POP3 e-mail
  Getting Auto-Disconnected from NT4
  Fatal Exception 0E in VXD SYMEvent
  Problems browsing the Web
  There is not enough storage to complete this operation
  What is the Windows Version
  Searching on Microsoft's Website


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