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Bad Day

Setting up and configuring computers and networks can sometimes be a very frustrating job, if that "d... a@#%!$@#" refuses to work. In such cases, it sometimes help to make a step back, think about something else for a while and then to try it with a fresh mind.

And nothing is a better distraction than a good laugh !

If you are willing to wait for the download (it is a 227 KByte animated GIF), this is a extract from the famous video-clip "Bad Day" (it was even aired on CNN)
(sorry for the bad colors and some jumpy sections, it is caused by the conversion from the MPEG-Video to a GIF, also trying to reduce the size of the file to a minumum):

I hope, you enjoyed it.

When I am running training classes, I often play the full clip,
it is a wonderful ice-breaker, "waking up" everybody.

If you like to view the MPEG-video in full size, which is:

it runs for 25 sec ( a 4.9 MByte file ! ), you can download using the link below:
I suggest : Right-click on the link and then select:

Internet Explorer:
"Save Link As...." "Save Target As ..."

to save BADDAY.MPG ( 4.9 MByte) to a file on your disk.

with the latest Windows Media-Player
installed, just click on the link to view
the movie already while it is downloading;
once the download is complete, select
from the menu: "File" / "Save As.."
to store it to your local disk.


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