SecurStor 2500 RAID series

Last Updated on 13 Aug. 2004, Company: Excel Meridian Data, Inc.

SecurStor 2500 is designed as a solution, with multiple configuration options providing available No Single Point of Failure redundancy for up-to 64 TB of multi-host cluster-capable storage. Plug the SecurStor 2500 into your existing SAN infrastructure, or directly attach it to one or more servers or fibre channel switches.

At the heart of the redundant SecurStor 2500 solutions, you'll find 1U rackmount RAID header, equipped with two hot-swappable RAID controllers, each powered by a 400 MHz 64-bit RISC CPU and 1 GB of ECC cache memory. These two RAID controllers are working together in Active/Active mode, providing performance possible by sharing the I/O requests from the hosts and drives between themselves, using a high-speed dedicated synchronized pathway.

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