Dell PowerEdge Server 2850

Last Updated on 16 Sept. 2004, Company: Dell

The server features Dual Xeon processors with EM64T support, teamed with DDR-2 Memory and PCI Express. The large memory support of EM64T helps deliver performance for applications that require more than 4GB of memory.
Configuration flexibility - The PowerEdge 2850 has a blend of rack density with expandability, allowing it to adapt to almost any usage. The internal storage capacity and internal tape drive make the PowerEdge 2850 a candidate for database applications or groupware/messaging which can require large amounts of storage or local archiving. The high availability features of the PowerEdge 2850 help keep your applications running even in the unlikely event of failures to critical components such as power supplies, hard drives, SAN controllers, memory or even cooling fans. The ability to service hard drives, power supplies and cooling fans without interruption to the systems means that the PowerEdge 2850 can be backed up to full redundancy. Whether you are deploying 32-bit or 64-bit applications today, the PowerEdge 2850 is designed with the performance features that will help enable a smooth transition and performance growth over time, allowing you to grow with your applications.

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