Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancers

Last Updated on 9 April 2017, Company: KEMP Technologies

The KEMP LoadMaster-Exchange and Virtual LoadMaster-Exchange are Layer 4/7 Load Balancer appliances, purpose-built for Exchange 2010. They are designed to address the availability & scalability demands of Exchange deployments with combined versatility and ease-of-use to speed deployment of the advanced messaging applications & protocols used by Exchange. Both models support up to 13 Virtual Servers & 6 Real Servers. All Loadmasters support Exchange, and includes support & warranty.

The KEMP Virtual LM for Exchange comes pre-configured with 4 virtual services supporting; RPC Client Access (MAPI); SMTP & SSL-encrypted services, such as Outlook Web Access; Outlook Anywhere; ActiveSync. All LM's feature: L4/L7 load balancing & content switching, SSL Offload, Server & App Health Check, IP & L7 Persistence, Caching, Compression and IPS. It also supports stateful failover in an Active/Hot-standby configuration for high-availability.

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