XiNCOM Twin WAN VPN Gateways

Last Updated on 6 Jan. 2005, Company: XiNCOM

The XiNCOM XC-DPG503 and XC-DPG603 Twin WAN gateways provide features in VPN security and load balancing services for a network's broadband connection to the Internet. Features for the 503 and 603 models include full aggregation and automatic failover of VPN tunnels. The Twin WAN Series are designed for SOHO and medium businesses that aim to increase their bandwidth needs to their existing network infrastructure. All models have dual WAN ports that allow you to connect two separate broadband connections of any type, including Cable, DSL and/or T1 for automatic failover and load balancing. With features like NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP server, and Access Filters.

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