Last Updated on 30 Aug. 2013, Company: Juniper Networks

The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5000 series is a line of firewall/VPN security systems designed to deliver a new level of capabilities for large enterprise, carrier, and data center networks. The NetScreen-5000 series consists of two products: the 2-slot NetScreen-5200 system and the 4-slot NetScreen-5400 system. NetScreen-5000 security systems integrate firewall, VPN, DoS and DDoS protection, and traffic-management functionality, in a low-profile modular chassis. Built around Juniper's third-generation security ASIC and distributed system architecture, the NetScreen-5000 series offers scalability and flexibility, while providing a higher level security system through Juniper Networks NetScreen ScreenOS custom operating system. Both products employ a switch fabric for data exchange and separate multibus channel for control information, delivering scalable performance.


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