WatchGuard Firebox X

Last Updated on 29 July 2004, Company: WatchGuard

For small- to mid-sized enterprises seeking integrated security in a fully model-upgradeable appliance that is also feature and service upgradeable. Upgrade your Firebox X integrated security appliance with a license key — unlock more security capabilities and features as your needs grow. An Intelligent Layered Security architecture provides protection through integrating firewall and VPN, intrusion prevention, application layer security, Web filtering, spam blocking, and authentication capabilities in a single appliance.

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  1. Never Again Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00

    What Tech Support?

    Watchguard tech support international tech support offers little but broken promises to call, runarounds and long holds. When the remote access software fails to load on two of three new laptops, tech support is at a loss and takes 3+ hours before they just give up. It takes another hour and a half of talking to a supervisor to get the incident escalated.

    Recommendation : Don't buy this product and don't waste your money on extended support.

  2. Unsatisfied Customer Thu, 3 March 2005 01:00

    Unsatisfied Customer

    Watchguard has decent products but they can be difficult to work with especially the V class. Online help and documentation are useless. Their international tech support is useless and the US based tech support is difficult to get a hold of. We are on the east coast and they always returned my calls after business hours. I have better experience with Sonicwall products and tech support. I would never have bought Watchguard firewall if I have known this ahead of time.

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