MailFoundry Anti-Spam Appliance Models

Last Updated on 28 Feb. 2013, Company: Solinus

MailFoundry offers an anti-spam appliance while leaving legitimate email alone. Utilizing a multi-layered approach in the MessageIQ Engine, MailFoundry identifies and removes spam in real-time without message delivery delays. MailFoundry integrates anti-virus technologies to ensure a kill rate on email embedded viruses. MailFoundry itself is not based on software that is susceptible to PC viruses, and is hardened against exploits and attacks. With MailFoundry, administrators are able to manage their email policies for their organization. From attachment management, content filtering, and individual user email shaping, MailFoundry offers a methodology for policy management. MailFoundry has reporting functions to monitor email volume, traffic, usage, and overall statistics of the filtering system. Reports are generated in real-time and are archived for analysis. Reports are available system-wide, on a per domain or per user level.

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