Anti-Spam Hardware

Last Updated on 30 April 2014, Total: 15 Products

  1. ePrism - Email Filtering Appliance

    The ePrism M500 is an email filtering appliance that combines spam filtering technology with Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus to give you perimeter defense against spam and email borne malicious code. Powered by eGuard, a database of human reviewed spam profiles and customized anti-spam heuristics... Read More

  2. PineApp Mail-SeCure

    PineApp Mail-SeCure provides multi-layered protection against incoming spam and viruses for small, medium and large networks. Mail-SeCure can handle countless amounts of e-mail a day without loading your mail servers down. The Mail-SeCure system validates each e-mail by origin, recipient, domain validity as well as content, headers, techniques and more. Mail-SeCure uses various RBL's (real-time black lists). Mail-SeCure supports features... Read More

  3. PowerElf II Server Appliance

    The PowerElf II's anti spam filter appliance features stop spam from your network. Unsolicited mail messages not only slows down productivity on the server they also waste end user's time by foring clients to sort messages in order to find relevent emails. It can be used as a standalone mail server or as a proxy mail server. Features of the... Read More

  4. WatchGuard Firebox X

    For small- to mid-sized enterprises seeking integrated security in a fully model-upgradeable appliance that is also feature and service upgradeable. Upgrade your Firebox X integrated security appliance with a license key — unlock more security capabilities and features as your needs grow. An Intelligent Layered Security architecture provides protection through integrating firewall and VPN, intrusion prevention, application layer security, Web... Read More

  5. MailGate

    The MailGate appliance with Intent-Based Filtering artificial intelligence technology eliminates spam from enterprise email systems. Most anti-spam appliances require time-consuming and management-intensive rules, blacklists or signatures to work. But MailGate with IBF dispenses with those techniques and uses technology to recognize spam like a human reader would. MailGate intercepts spam at the gateway level, filtering out questionable email before it... Read More

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