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  1. Hidden Costs of a Windows Vista Upgrade

    Preston Gralla, the author of Windows Vista in a Nutshell , wrote a short article for PC World recapping hidden costs that you may face when upgrading to Windows Vista :,128930-page,1/ar...e.html... Read More

  2. Thoughts on Music by Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs published a short essay named " Thoughts on Music" criticizing concepts of DRM protection for media files. You can access it here: It is interesting to see this sudden change because previously Apple always tried to use various types of protection to restrict iPod and Apple users. I think that more people will be interested in purchasing... Read More

  3. Skype BIOS controvery

    Melissa (myria) found an interesting issue with Skype: She claims that the application reads BIOS on the start up. This certainly looks suspicious and It would be interesting to see whether Skype developers address this claim... Read More

  4. Interesting report on Vista vs XP performance

    Tom's Hardware published an interesting report comparing Windows Vista and Windows XP in various areas. You can find the report here: Personally I am not surprised that Vista performed slower in many applications compared to XP. After all, Vista is quite revolutionary and i guess that it has a lot of extra code to stay compatible with previous applications... Read More

  5. Seagate Introduces First Small Form Factor 15K Enterprise Hard Drive - Savvio 15K - The World's Fastest Drive

    SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.-January 16, 2007-Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today introduced the world's fastest hard drive - the Savvio 15K drive, the new 15K-rpm addition to the Savvio family of 2.5-inch Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise drive solutions. The Savvio 15K drive provides the highest hard drive performance density and reliability while ensuring ultra-low power consumption, reducing thermal loads in data centers... Read More

  6. Dell 2707WFP

    Dell released its amazing 2707WFP monitor. It is 27 inch (68.58 cm) LCD monitor with integrated USB hub/Card reader and a variety of inputs including DVI-D with HDCP support (this allows watching full HDTV movies using this LCD). Here is the full list of features: Monitor Size (Viewable Image Screen): 27 inches (27-inch viewable image size) Pixel Pitch: 0.303mm Response... Read More

  7. Implementing and Detecting a PCI Rootkit

    John Heasman, a researcher from NGSSoftware, wrote an interesting article about PCI rootkits, i.e. rootkits existing in the firmware of PCI cards. The article describes how this type of exploit can enter the system, what can be done by the rootkit. John Heasman also describes various preventative measures that can help against these rootkits. It is interesting to note that... Read More

  8. ASUS LN64-SLI Deluxe 4x4 motherboard

    Nordichardware managed to grab a couple of pictures with reference to The Inquirer of the new ASUS motherboard for 4x4 platform developed by AMD. The motherboard has a lot of features. Here is a quote from The Register : In fact, an insane amount of them: 12 SATA-II connectors that can run two independent RAID5 arrays, 10 USB 2.0 ports... Read More

  9. MySQL 84 Optimization Tips

    Some nice tips were published on MySQL Forge regarding MySQL server optimisation. MySQL 84 Optimization Tips Technorati : mysql : mysql Ice Rocket : mysql... Read More

  10. Broadcom Wireless Driver Probe Response SSID Overflow

    Johnny Cache <johnnycsh [at]> reported a vulnerability in binary driver of Broadcom wireless drivers. You can read about it on this page: . This vulnerability affects any computer running Windows and using Broadcom wireless driver. So far only Linksys released updated driver. Technorati : broadcom, security, windows, wireless : broadcom, security, windows, wireless Ice Rocket : broadcom,... Read More

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