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The Windows Networking blog authored by Vitaly Popovich contains Microsoft Windows networking news, product tips, administrator tricks, tweaks to the OS, such as Windows Server 2003, and other information necessary to maintain an Enterprise networking system. It discusses emerging technologies such as server virtualization and thin clients; new server based products and tools, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008; and different corporate network hardware and software solutions. Vitaly Popovich manages an IT consultancy firm and has years of experience in networking and server management.

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  1. NTA 6020 thin clients by Devon IT

    Devon IT has recently released a line of thin clients, 6020. Prices start from 149$, making it one of the cheapest clients available on the market. Technorati : thin client, windows : thin client, windows Ice Rocket : thin client, windows... Read More

  2. New Flash Disk Card.

    There are more and more storage devices based on flash memory technology appearing every day. Following the trend, Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has released a flash disk card. It can be used as a replacement for convenient hard disks. The company itself positions it for extreme environments where standard disks are too unreliable. The flash disk card can support JBOD... Read More

  3. Jack PC Thin Clients

    Chip PC Technologies is a company producing Jack PC, small thin clients. The advantage of Jack PC products is that they are tiny can be installed in walls instead of network wall sockets!!! Chip PC is offering a range of thin clients. All models use power over Ethernet (PoE) as power supply, although it is also possible to use additional... Read More

  4. Virtualization seminars

    VMware is organising a series of web seminars dedicated to the topic of virtualization on desktops.If you are interested please feel free to register for them. Technorati : virtualization, vmware : virtualization, vmware... Read More

  5. New mobile devices

    Sony has made available a new micro PC, Sony VAIO® Micro PC.This model uses low voltage Core Solo CPU and Windows XP Professional. It has a touch screen (800*600) and a sliding keyboard.The model deploys Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even WAN interfaces.It looks like a good companion for a busy sysadmin who is always on the move. However, the price of... Read More

  6. NetGear announces ProSafe™ SSL VPN Concentrator 25 - Model SSL312

    NetGear is making available another product that should simplify the creation and management of VPNs between remote clients and head offices.NetGear is making available another product that should simplify the creation and management of VPNs between remote clients and head offices.Model SSL312 allows up to 25 concurrent secure tunnels which is quite sufficient for SOHO and small enterprises.The concentrator supports... Read More

  7. Microsoft Office Validation: another measure against piracy

    Microsoft has recently released another tool that validates whether Microsoft Office installed on users' computers is genuine or pirated.It is understandable that Microsoft Corporation is trying to fight piracy and it is their right to do so.On the other hand what implications does it have on normal users and administrators?Microsoft has published a small FAQ about MS Office validation.There is... Read More

  8. Vmware vs Microsoft: 4-2?

    An interesting 'Virtualization market match' is going on between Vmware & Microsoft. And its giving administrators lots of benefits and freebies too! Vmware is aggressively defending its virtualisation patch: Even though it is the undisputed virtualization leader, Vmware, in a brilliant move to preempt Vista, released the free Vmware player: 1-0. Microsoft responded by including the Windows license with virtual... Read More

  9. Industry Analyst Report Shows That Network Appliance Leads NAS and Unified Storage Market

    Sunnyvale, Calif. – April 17, 2006 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that it has extended its position in the NAS and unified storage market. According to Gartner’s report “Market Share: NAS/Unified Storage, Worldwide, 2000-2005,”1 the total NAS and unified storage market grew 16.1% in 20042. NetApp grew more quickly than the market, posting annual revenue growth of... Read More

  10. Windows on Mac

    Public Beta of Boot Camp makes Windows available on Intel based Apple computers (please see official press release and official homepage) .What would Windows on Mac bring to average users and administrators?This is definitely good news for average users as Windows has all these applications that are missing on Mac OS.Another point is that Apple products look more attractive for... Read More

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