Weekly updates for MS Web-based Services

by George Chetcuti [Published on 4 July 2013 / Last Updated on 4 July 2013]

Microsoft has been moving toward more frequent updates with other programs, including Windows.

Microsoft will start pushing weekly updates for its popular Office online suite very soon! According to Jeff Teper an Office vice president, users of Internet-based versions of Office productivity software, as well as e-mail, telephony and collaboration tools, will have parts of their software refreshed weekly.

Office is one of the main revenue streams for Microsoft and therefore, aligning itself with a strategy of continuous improvement which has been the norm for other vendors for some years now, would add value to end users using Office online services.

Read more here - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-27/microsoft-seeks-end-to-dinosaur-era-software-upgrade-cycle-tech.html

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