Ukrainian Cyber Golden Eagle Hacktivists warns of more cyber attacks

by George Chetcuti [Published on 18 March 2014 / Last Updated on 18 March 2014]

Cyber Berkut, Ukrainian’s Cyber Golden Eagle hacktivist group demands NATO officials to get away from Ukrainian land and warns NATO’s Colonel to change his computer password!

The Western military alliance NATO has confirmed that cyber-attacks targeting its main website did not pose any risks to its classified networks and did not affect the integrity of its systems. DDoS attacks successfully rendered inoperable NATO’s main website, as well as the Paramilitary Assembly and the Estonia-based Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence. The pro-Russian hactivist groups who call themselves as Cyber Berkut - “cyber golden eagle” are fighting against Ukrainian independence and the presence of NATO in Ukraine.

Find Cyber Berkut’s official website in Russian here -

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