Microsoft enhances its Active Protections Program (MAPP)

by George Chetcuti [Published on 1 Aug. 2013 / Last Updated on 1 Aug. 2013]

Employing a “give to get” model, the community will benefit when data they provide is enriched by aggregating it with data from others.

It is recognized that targeted attacks are one of the primary threats to enterprises, governments and other entities. Incident responders, including response companies, CSIRTs, ISACs, and security vendors, represent the front lines in the fight to detect, respond, and remediate these attacks.

According to Jerry Bryant, Senior Security Strategist at Microsoft one of the new add-ons to the program is MAPP for Responders. The aim is to build new partnerships and community collaborations that will enable strategic knowledge exchange. Microsoft intends to contribute to this effort by sharing threat indicators such as malicious URLs, file hashes, incident data and relevant detection guidance.

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