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  1. Advanced User Access Management on Amazon’s EC2

    For instance, a best practice in IT Governance is to set different permissions for "development" and "test" resources... Read More

  2. Amount of idle time required before suspending a session

    Playing around with idle time settings for SMB sessions... Read More

  3. Automate the creation of user accounts

    Are you still creating users’ accounts manually? I suggest you start teaching yourself how to automate the creation of user accounts in Windows environments. A sample script prepared by Joseph Moody at will give you a head start. These are the steps you need to take to become more efficient and pro on your job!... Read More

  4. BTRFS in focus – recoverability aspects

    Guest blog post submitted by Elena Pakhomova co-founder of ReclaiMe software... Read More

  5. Can my PC run Windows 8?

    Microsoft has released a tool that helps you check whether your computer supports Windows 8 or not. Let alone, the sales pitch behind this tool, I would just run it for compatibility reasons before taking any decisions to upgrade my system. It might save you a lot of trouble afterwards!... Read More

  6. Check your DNS Servers configuration!

    More DNS administrators need to understand the security risks implications related to Open DNS Resolvers... Read More

  7. Configuring Disk Quotas using Windows Explorer

    With Windows Explorer you can manage disk quotas in Windows Servers 2008 without the need of invoking the Quota management console, although the console remains the recommended tool. To configure disk quotas on a computer using Windows Explorer follow these steps: Open Windows Explorer and right click the disk you want to configure quotas for and select Properties. From the... Read More

  8. DNS configuration best practice

    Poorly configured DNS servers are being exploited in denial of service attacks against third-parties. Don't let your organization assets participate in such attacks! The REN-ISAC wants to raise awareness and drive change concerning common network and domain name system (DNS) configurations that fall short of accepted best practice. The REN-ISAC mission is to aid and promote cyber security operational protection... Read More

  9. Deploy Windows Workstations from a reference image

    Image deployment from a Network Share... Read More

  10. Deploying Microsoft Exchange 2010 in the Cloud

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: Planning & Implementation Guide... Read More

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