Mobile DDoS may be coming - Just not now

by George Chetcuti [Published on 14 Jan. 2013 / Last Updated on 14 Jan. 2013]

Mobile DDoS is possible but not feasible at the moment!

“Mobile DDoS is theoretically possible but the infrastructure isn’t there yet. The cyber criminals are happy with what they now have,” said Steve Santorelli, a spokesperson for security researchers Team Cymru.

“Criminals have no need to create a new, mobile botnet. They have plenty of botnet capacity right now.” said Tyler Shields, a senior security researcher at Veracode.

 “Theoretically it is possible but right now there just are much easier ways to launch DDoS than mobile.” said Ciaran Bradley, a security expert at AdaptiveMobile.

Do you agree with the above statements? Are these researchers being complacent?

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