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  1. 2X Application Server tested.

    As soon as 2X announced their implementation of terminal services I was curious to try it out. So I grabbed the latest version of 2X ApplicationServer from the download site: I decided to install ApplicationServer on a spare Windows 2003 Server virtual machine. Here is the list of steps performed to install ApplicationServer (by the way, I didn't read... Read More

  2. FileZilla v. 3.0.0 Beta 2

    FileZilla FTP client reached version 3.0.0 Beta 2. FileZilla is possibly the best free FTP client available for Windows platform. You can grab the latest version from FileZilla v 3 SourceForge page. Technorati : FTP, FileZilla : FTP, FileZilla Ice Rocket : FTP, FileZilla... Read More

  3. Foobar2000

    It would be difficult to imagine typical computer workplace without background music. In previous years WinAmp was number one choice for music playback. These days WinAmp became bloated. Windows Media Player is also hungry for for resources and has too many features that are useless for most people. Luckily there is a modern age alternative for WinAmp. It is called... Read More

  4. HOWTO: Create PDF in Windows using GhostScript and RedMon.

    PDF format became universally accepted format for document exchange. The format is well documented and supported. Acrobat Reader is a well known application for reading PDFs. There is also Acrobat Professional which is a great toll that can produce PDFs but it is quite expensive. There are other applications that can produce PDFs, but they are either expensive or have... Read More

  5. Citrix monopoly to end with 2X ApplicationServer v.4

    London, UK, 10 October 2006 - 2X announces the release of 2X ApplicationServer v.4, which allows seamless publishing of Windows applications onto remote desktops, significantly reducing administration overheads and security risks. The new version adds integrated load balancing, Linux & Mac client support, support for server farms, SSL tunneling and more."Application publishing slashes companies' IT administration costs, improves security, and... Read More

  6. Grandstream GXP-2000 firmware update.

    It has been reported that Grandstream GXP-2000 is vulnerable to remote DOS attack. It affects phones with firmware Other versions might be affected as well. So it is best to update your phones to latest version which can be obtained from Grandstream Firmware page . Technorati : Grandstream, VoIP, phone : Grandstream, VoIP, phone Ice Rocket : Grandstream,... Read More

  7. Bmail

    Command line SMTP mailer is a common tool for batch jobs and tasks automation. BMail is a small command line application allowing to send emails directly from command line. The utility has simple command line parameters: C:\bmail>bmail Command Line SMTP Emailer V1.07Copyright(C) 2002-2004 Craig.Peacock@beyondlogic.orgDate: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:09:07 +0200Usage: bmail [options]-s SMTP Server Name-p SMTP Port Number (optional, defaults... Read More

  8. FATE: hacking game

    Some of you might be curious what it like to be a hacker. Well, FATE is a game that can help you understanding concepts, principles and various techniques used in hacking. FATE is terminal based and it does not have any graphics. It emulates UNIX shell pretty well. Plus FATE is extremely small size and has low resource consumption. FATE... Read More

  9. Sandboxie version 2.62

    Sandboxie is a small utility which allows protecting hard drive of your computer from malicious activity of other applications. Here is a diagram from official site which explains how it works: Sandboxie prevents applications from writing to your hard disk, i.e. viruses, trojans and malware wont be able to modify your system. It is also an excellent protection tool for... Read More

  10. nLite 1.2 Beta released

    nLite has reached version 1.2 Beta. nLite is a customization tool which can be used in order to alter setup files of Windows 2000/XP/2003, remove components and unneeded services, integrate drivers, patches and service packs. nLite is also a great tool to prepare unattended setup of Windows. You can read changelog on nLite Changelog page. nLite Download Page Technorati :... Read More

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