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  1. Firebird 1.5.4 is released

    The Firebird team is pleased to announce that v.1.5.4 of Firebird for Windows and Linux is now released and awaiting your pleasure. Kits should be available from many sites today and more over the weekend. A number of additional retrospective fixes have been introduced for bugs that became apparent and were fixed in the Firebird 2 tree during the Firebird... Read More

  2. Beta Releases: Windows-based Hosting 4.5 and Windows-based Hosting for Applications 1.5

    ISVs and Hosters using Windows should be interested in new release from Microsoft: Beta Releases: Windows-based Hosting 4.5 and Windows-based Hosting for Applications 1.5 New in This Release The Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting version 4.5 improves on previous versions of the solution by introducing a number of new features and technologies. Some of the more significant enhancements are: Windows... Read More

  3. Trend Micro: [Vulnerability Confirmation] Antivirus UPX Parsing Kernel Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

    Solution ID: 1034289A recent system upgrade added a '1' or '2' to old solution IDs. You find these solutions by removing or retaining the extra '1' or '2'. Product: Scan Engine - 8.300, Scan Engine - 8.000 Operating System: N/A Published: 2/6/07 5:18 AM Problem: Trend Micro has become aware of a vulnerability in its Scan Engine, wherein a corrupted... Read More

  4. Sun Microsystems Announces OpenDocument Format (ODF) Plug-in Application for Microsoft Office

    MENLO PARK, Calif. February 7, 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the largest code contributor to free and open source communities, today announced the upcoming availability of the StarOffice 8 Conversion Technology Preview plug-in application for Microsoft Office 2003. The early access version of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) plug-in, available as a free download, will allow seamless two-way conversion of... Read More

  5. RARLabs Unrar Password Prompt Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

    Advisory from iDefense Labs: RARLabs Unrar Password Prompt Buffer Overflow Vulnerability I. BACKGROUND Unrar is a command line archive extractor for Windows and Linux. For more information visit the vendor's site at the URL shown below. II. DESCRIPTION Remote exploitation of a stack based buffer overflow vulnerability in RARLabs Unrar may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code... Read More

  6. Miranda IM v0.6.6 Released

    Miranda IM is a smaller, faster, easier instant messenger with support for multiple protocols. Miranda IM is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use while still providing many features including support for AIM, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo, and more. Supplemented by hundreds of plugins and other content, Miranda IM is very flexible and provides many avenues for... Read More

  7. Skype version

    Skype reached version Changelog: bugfix: Sometimes changing avatar caused error "List index out of bounds" bugfix: API ACL form was misaligned on high dpi screens bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED gave double signal Download URL: Read More

  8. Google Mail finally available for everyone.

    Great news, everyone!!! GMail is finally available for everyone to sign-up. You dont need an invite any more. Feel free to register and benefit from 2.8 GB mailbox. Read More

  9. Thoughts on Music by Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs published a short essay named " Thoughts on Music" criticizing concepts of DRM protection for media files. You can access it here: It is interesting to see this sudden change because previously Apple always tried to use various types of protection to restrict iPod and Apple users. I think that more people will be interested in purchasing... Read More

  10. AMD slashes Opteron prices, adds high-end models reports a drop in AMD CPU prices: AMD has published across-the-board price cuts for its Opteron range of high-end and server processors in all of its 1-way, 2-way and 8-way lines. Additionally, it has released several new high-end models, as well as high-efficiency (HE) variants of its Opteron 1000 series CPUs. Stating at the top of the scale, the... Read More

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