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  1. SyncToy v1.4 for Windows XP

    Microsoft released new version of its sync utility, SyncToy, which can be used to sync remote and local folders. SyncToy reached version 1.4. The list of improvements is quite long: The ability to type in a UNC path; Support for longer folder pair names and ability to widen the left pane to see those longer names; The ability to support... Read More

  2. ScriptLogic Releases Two New Solutions.

    Just over three years ago, ScriptLogic released Desktop Authority. Since then, the product has become the leading desktop management solution winning 19 awards including the 2006 Best Low-Cost Desktop Management honor from Network Computing Magazine.Just this week, ScriptLogic has added two solutions to the Desktop Authority product family, creating a suite that covers the desktop lifecycle management from PC birth... Read More

  3. New RealTek drivers for RTL-8187 Wireless and PCI-E LAN devices.

    RealTek released new drivers for RTL-8187 Wireless and PCI-E LAN devices. These new drivers are available from the following locations: RTL-8187 Wireless Driver v.5.1234 PCI-E NIC (RTL8100/8101/8111/8168 Series) Driver v.1.80.658 Technorati : RealTek, drivers, windows : RealTek, drivers, windows Ice Rocket : RealTek, drivers, windows... Read More

  4. MDaemon 9.5.1 released

    Alt-N Technologies released latest version of MDaemon mail server. MDaemon reached version 9.5.1. MDaemon is versatile email server developed for Windows operating system. It is pretty stable and quite reliable. It is available for 31-day trial. Licensing cost depend on number of users in the system and options used, e.g. PRO/Standard mode, AntiVirus module installed. Here is the link to... Read More

  5. Intel: new drivers for 2100 LAN and PRO/Wireless 7100 LAN

    Intel has released new drivers for 2100 LAN and PRO/Wireless 7100 LAN. You can download it from here: Driver v. . Technorati : driver, intel : driver, intel Ice Rocket : driver, intel... Read More

  6. The Dude v. 2.0 Beta 11

    The Dude 2.0 Beta reached 11 version. The Dude is a nice network monitoring and discovery utility that simplifies mapping of the network. You can download this version from this url: Technorati : monitoring, network : monitoring, network Ice Rocket : monitoring, network... Read More

  7. Internet Explorer 7, upgrade is inevitable.

    One week has passed after MS released its newest web browser, Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft managed to pack in a number of improvements in new IE. In my experience new IE is quite smooth and stable browser. Together with improvements in security, CSS handling, tabs and looks, IE7 seems to be a decent upgrade from previous version. Firefox 2.0 on... Read More

  8. Firefox 2.0 is available for download.

    Firefox 2.0 has been made available for download. It hasn't been officially released yet. Probably Mozilla Foundation is waiting for mirrors to catch up. Anyway, here is the link: Firefox 2.0 Windows Releases Page. Here is the direct link to US English Firefox 2.0. The official release will follow later on today. Technorati : Firefox, browser : Firefox, browser... Read More

  9. GFI EventsManager discovers what is really happening on your network

    London, UK, 12 October, 2006 - GFI, a leading international developer of network security, content security and messaging software, has today launched GFI EventsManager, its next generation solution for centralized event log management and reporting. GFI's latest release delivers insight into all that is happening on the IT infrastructure and ensures maximum network uptime; acting as an early-warning system for... Read More

  10. WPUT FTP upload utility

    Sometimes it is needed to upload a number of files automatically without any user intervention. WPUT utility might be a solution in this case. wput is a powerful ftp upload utility supporting resumed uploads, rate-limiting, TLS. wput is modelled after the famous UNIX download manager wget and has simple command line interface. Here is the the list of options available... Read More

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