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  1. Infrant Introduces Ultra Power-efficient Compact 3TB 1U NAS

    Infrant Technologies, a leader in network-based storage for home and small business use, today announced its latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) offering for businesses ranging from small and mid-sized offices up to small and mid-sized enterprises concerned with protecting data in a power- and space-efficient manner. The ReadyNAS 1100 is a new class of NAS. Building on Infrant's award-winning pedigree,... Read More

  2. pgAdmin III v1.6.1 released

    pgAdmin is a management utility for PostgreSQL, which is an advanced open source database that can be installed on the variety of platforms, including Windows. The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.6.1, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source... Read More

  3. AVG Internet Security reached v.7.5.432a867

    AVG Internet Security is a complete suite of software applications helping to protect your computer from web threats. Here is a quote from the official site describing the item: Includes Anti-Virus protects from viruses, worms and trojans Anti-Spyware protects from spyware, adware and other malicious programs Anti-Spam filters spam and protects against phishing attacks Firewall protects from hackers Benefits All-in-one,... Read More

  4. New RealTek drivers for Windows Vista

    RealTek released new drivers for RTL8169/8110/RTL8139/810x/RTL8139C+Series devices on Windows Vista 32/64 bit. These new drivers are available from the following location: Driver v.6.101 Technorati : RealTek, drivers, windows : RealTek, drivers, windows Ice Rocket : RealTek, drivers, windows... Read More

  5. Skype v. released

    Skype v. was released. You can read the changelog on WindowsSkype Release Notes page. I didnt find any major changes so I guess new version should be more stable. Skype developers might publish changelog later. You can download beta from this link: Technorati : chat, skype, voip, windows : chat, skype, voip, windows Ice Rocket : chat, skype,... Read More

  6. New Server Based Computing Guide Directs Companies Towards Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

    2X today announced the release of the 2X Server Based Computing Guide, which describes ways in which to optimize IT network infrastructures whilst cutting hardware, energy and administration costs. Businesses worldwide face an escalating desktop PC management problem, requiring tremendous resources, both in staff and capital. As a result, the typical IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex, resource-intensive, and expensive... Read More

  7. WinGate v.6.2.0 Build 1121

    WinGate reached version 6.2.0 Build 1121. WinGate is a proxy server for Windows operating system. It is powerful proxy server and now it integrates more features, such as IMAP server. You can read the full list of features on the official site. You can download WinGate for 30-day trial from the link below: Technorati : proxy, windows, wingate Read More

  8. a-squared HiJackFree v.

    a-squared Hijack Free reached version Hijack Free is an anti-malware application which scans various subsystems of the operating system, including processes, services, etc. Hijack Free is naturally available free of charge. You can download it from this link: a-squared Hijack Free 2.1 By the way, you can also try online scanner developed by a-squared hosted at : Free... Read More

  9. PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher v.

    PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher reached version PRTG is a simple monitoring utility that can be used to monitor almost any item that provides SNMP data plus it has a built in traffic sniffer. PRTG is quite similar to MRTG however PRTG is very simple to install and use. PRTG has a GUI and a built in web... Read More

  10. Miranda IM v0.7 Build #3

    Miranda has reached version 0.7 Build 3 (it is a test build). Stable version is 0.5.1. You can read about the test build on this page: Miranda is a universal messaging client supporting a variety of protocols including ICQ/AIM/MSN/Jabber/Yahoo/IRC/Gadu-Gadu/Tlen/Netsend. It has a large number of plugins available as well. Plus Miranda is fast and does not waste tons of... Read More

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